Zelina Vega Outraged Over Andrade “Cien” Almas Not Being Part Of SmackDown 1000, Sends Warning To The Roster

Whilst SmackDown 1000 was met with positive reviews by most people, one person who didn’t like the show was Zelina Vega, who was outraged over the absence of Andrade “Cien” Almas.

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Almas wasn’t part of SmackDown 1000 in any capacity and Vega tweeted, asking how you can have the show without the future of the brand, asking if they were taken for granted.

Vega and her client, Almas, filmed a promo after the show discussing how they felt about the situation, showing clips of them getting beat on SmackDown to go alongside it.

Despite their frustrations, Vega then send a warning to the SmackDown locker room, telling them all that they are done playing games, and that they know all the information they need and have a strategy for what is next.

When discussing what they plan to do in the future during the promo clips from their time in NXT when Almas was NXT Champion were shown. It is worth noting that Vince McMahon is reportedly a big fan of Almas, which can only be a good sign for his future with the company.


Can you say taken for granted?


CHEATED?!#SDLive locker room:#elidolo y #lamuñeca are done playing games. We’ve gathered all the info we need & know the strategy we are going with next. #Beware

— Zelina Vega (@Zelina_VegaWWE) October 17, 2018

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