Young German label delivers unique take on streetwear

Inspired by the unique background of each of its designers, German brand GmbH is a reflection of the country’s diverse cultures. Founded in 2016, the label’s Berlin-based design duo of Turkish-German Serhat Isik and Norwegian-Pakistani Benjamin Alexander Huseby deliver a seamless blend of sporty looks and business-friendly style, which manifests through truly distinctive streetwear. With a focus on sustainability, GmbH doesn’t use animal fur or feathers, opting instead for recycled materials and deadstock factory cloth. At the same time, it’s committed to demonstrating Germany’s high level of quality in manufacturing and tailoring.

For GmbH’s spring/summer 2019 collection, the brand’s first womenswear offerings made their debut, infused with the sense of youthfulness that also appeared throughout the past seasons. Flowing bottoms and nipped-in tops, dresses, one-pieces, quarter-zip fleece jackets and unbuttoned polo shirts were all well-received, while reinforced knees, carabiner attachments and elastic hems served as a style reminder for people on the go looking for garments that are equally comfortable and practical.

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