WWE The Bash Results – June 28, 2009

WWE The Bash Results – 6/28/2009
ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California
Report by: Shawn Hopkins of

Wrestling News World reader CCM sent word that R-Truth b. Shelton Benjamin prior to tonight’s Bash pay-per-view in Sacramento, California.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WNW’s live coverage of WWE’s The Bash. We’ll have all match results right here all night long. I’m Sean Hopkins, now let’s get on to the wrestling! We get a nice video package highlighting the 3 Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship. We get another video package running down tonight’s entire card. Opening pyro and Michael Cole and Jerry the King Lawler welcome us to The Bash.

Tommy Dreamer (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry vs. Finlay
Scramble Match for the ECW Championship

Christian is out first as Josh Matthews and Matt Striker run down the rules to the Scramble match. Jack Swagger is out next, and it looks like he and Christian will be the first two men to square off here tonight. Swagger and Christian lock up with Swagger getting the upper hand. Swagger buries his shoulder in Christian’s midsection and throws him into the corner. Swagger locks in a modified half nelson, before putting Christian on the top rope. Swagger tries to throw Christian off the top rope, but Christian lands on his feet and lock in a sleeper hold. Christian up top, he hits a beautiful missile dropkick, but he only gets two when he goes for the cover. Finlay is the next participant and he comes in as a house of fire on both Christian and Swagger. Swagger and Christian fight on the outside, and Finlay joins them by kicking Swagger in the mouth and sending him inside. Swagger goes to the eyes of Finlay, rolls him up, and Jack Swagger is the current ECW Champion. Swagger goes for the gut wrench powerbomb, but Christian fights out and goes for the killswitch, Swagger reverses, but Christian hits a reverse DDT. The next participant is Tommy Dreamer. Swagger goes for the gut wrench powerbomb, but Christian fights out and goes for the killswitch, Swagger reverses, but Christian hits a reverse DDT. The next participant is Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer comes in and goes to work on Christian and Swagger, almost getting the pin on Christian after a sit out powerbomb. Dreamer hangs Christian up in a tree of woe and hits the dropkick. He goes for a DDT on Swagger, but Swagger fights out and throws Dreamer to the outside. Finlay connects with the Celtic cross on Swagger, pins Swagger for the three, and Finlay is the current ECW Champion. Christian goes up top, and Dreamer tries for a superplex, but Christian fights him off. Swagger tries for a superplex of his own, but he has trouble. Mark Henry is the next participant and he assists in the a tower of doom spot with Christian and Swagger. Henry tosses his opponents around, hits the Worlds strongest slam on Dreamer, and gets the pin. The current ECW Champion is Mark Henry. Finlay and Christian square off in the ring, but Finlay decides to jump out on the floor on top of Swagger, he’s followed by Dreamer. Christian goes up top and dives out on top of Dreamer. Henry teases going up top, but Swagger attacks him from behind and hits a Vader bomb, and pins Henry for the three. Jack Swagger is the current ECW Champion. Christian hits the Killswitch on Swagger, but the pin is broken up by Dreamer, who hits a DDT on Christian and pins him for three. Tommy Dreamer is the current ECW Champion.

All five men are in the ring, Finlay hits a DDT on Swagger but the pin is broken up by Henry. Henry goes for a pin, but Dreamer breaks it up and hits another DDT on Henry. All four men go for a pin on Dreamer, but no one can get it as time expires.

Your winner and STILL ECW Champion: Tommy Dreamer

Post match Dreamer celebrates with his belt.

Edge confronts Teddy Long backstage and talks about Long’s probation. Edge says Long should make tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match a triple threat. Long says the last time they had a triple threat Edge lost. Long tells Edge Vickie could have helped him, but he won’t. Edge says if Teddy doesn’t do anything about tonight, he’ll be like Vickie, in that he won’t have a job.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Mask vs. Title Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Rey Mysterio is out to a nice pop as JR and Grisham discuss the importance of Mysterio’s mask, and how this whole situation came about. Chris Jericho is out and he motions to Mysterio taking off his mask. Grisham and JR continue to talk about how important Mysterio’s mask is. Mysterio and Jerico lock up and Jericho immediately goes for Rey’s mask. Jericho locks in a headlock and taunts Mysterio saying ‘c’mon 619’. Mysterio fights back with a hurricarana, and he goes for a baseball slide, but Jericho grabs his legs, and swings him into the ringside barricade. Back in the ring, Jericho hits a standing vertical suplex, but only gets two when he goes for the pin. Jericho locks in a modified sleeper hold, but Mysterio fights out, only for Jericho to place Mysterio on the top turnbuckle and continue to rip at Mysterio’s mask. Mysterio hits a sit down senton, but Jericho is able to follow up with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Jericho slams Mysterio’s head into the top turnbuckle, and sends him to the floor with a baseball slide.

Jericho tries to suplex Mysterio back in to the ring, but Mysterio reverses out, his advantage is short lived though, as Jericho knocks Mysterio down and hits a running kick to Mysterio’s chest. Mysterio is able to sidestep a running Jericho, who falls to the outside. Rey goes up top and hits a sit down senton on Jericho. Back in the ring, Rey hits a springboard cross body. Rey hits a double springboard moonsault, but when he goes for the pin, he can only get a two count. Jericho is able to trap Mysterio in the corner, but when he goes for a spear, Mysterio moves and Jericho’s shoulder connects with the ring post. Mysterio runs up top and hits a moonsault on Jericho. Jericho is back on his feet and he catches Rey in the walls of Jericho. Mysterio is able to get to the ropes to force a break of the hold. Mysterio goes for what looks like a reverse 619, but Jericho moves out of the way and hits a lariat instead. Jericho goes up top, but Mysterio catches him with a kick and tries for a top rope hurricarana, which is countered by Jericho into a powerbomb. Jericho goes for the pin with his feet on the ropes, but Mysterio is still able to kick out. Jericho misses with the lionsault, and Mysterio rolls him up, but is still only able to get two. Mysterio gets Jericho in position for the 619, but Jericho gets up and catches Mysterio. Mysterio reverses into a DDT, but can only get two on the pin.

Both men are back on their feet and Chris Jericho hits a code breaker on Rey Mysterio. He covers Mysterio, but Mysterio kicks out at two! Jericho puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle, and goes for a hurricarana, but Rey holds on, and gets Jericho in 619 position. Mysterio goes for the West Coast pop, but Jericho grabs Mysterio and locks in the walls of Jericho! Both men trade near falls. Jericho snatches Mysterio’s mask off, but Mysterio has a mask underneath. Mysterio hits a 619, springboard splash, and pins Jericho for the three.

Your winner, and NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio

Triple H is shown backstage being taped up. Camera cuts to Long’s office wher Jericho is complaining that Mysterio’s two masks must be illegal. Long says that he’s been in a GM for almost five years, and that he didn’t get there by bowing down to obnoxious superstars, so Jericho needs to get out of his office. Jericho says when Teddy changes his mind, he knows where to find him.

The Great Khali vs. Dolph Ziggler

A video package is shown, chronicling the recent history between these two men. Khali is out first with his manager Ranjin Singh. Khali gets a tiny pop. Ziggler is out next and as the match starts, he tries to avoid Khali, but can’t stay away for too long, as Khali begins to manhandle Ziggler. Ziggler tries to fight back by climbing the turnbuckles and punching Khali, but Khali throws Ziggler to the floor. Out on the floor, Khali tries to chop Ziggler, but he moves and Khali’s hand connects with the ring post. Khali is eventually able to connect with a chop. Back in the ring, Khali goes for a big boot, but gets caught up in the rope, and Ziggler goes to work on the leg.

Ziggler grabs a chair and hits Khali’s leg, but Khali punches the chair out of Ziggler’s hand. Ziggler is screaming a lot. Ziggler locks in a front face lock, but Khali picks him up and slams him to the ground. Khali poses in the ring, and Kane’s music hits. Khali is distracted, and Ziggler goes to work on Khali’s leg with a chair. Kane gets in the ring, and wails on Khali with the chair. Dolph Ziggler gets in the ring and pins Khali for the three count.

Your winner, Dolph Ziggler

Vince McMahon comes into Teddy’s office to apologize. Vince says he was a little harsh, but he wasn’t in his right mind after the Trump fiasco. Vince says he was going to apologize until he heard Long say that he was the longest reigning GM. Vince says in that time, Long hasn’t done anything. Vince says everyone but Long, even Adamle, has brought something to the table, but if Vince and Long were in a foxhole together, Vince would shoot himself out of boredom and depression. Vince says Long is still on probation, and that he needs to get it together.

Carlito & Primo (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Colons are out first to almost no reaction, as is Priceless, proving that tag team wrestling is still pretty much dead in the WWE. Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes out to announce that this match will now be a triple threat tag team championship match. Long adds Edge and Chris Jericho to the match! Edge and Jericho get dumped by Legacy and the Colons respectively, and it will be Carlito and Dibiase starting this one off. Carlito gets the advantage with a series of right hands; he misses a moonsault, but immediately hits a lariat. Tags everywhere and DiBiase and Primo are back to being the legal men.

Carlito and Primo with some nice double team work, as Primo continues to play the role of the weak partner in the match. Rhodes tags in, and avoids getting tagged by Jericho, he and DiBiase work together on Primo. Edge finally gets a tag, and goes for a spear, but Primo jumps out of the way, and Edge gets tagged by Dibiase. Dibiase and Rhodes continue to beat on Primo, getting several near falls. Cody picks up Primo for what looks like a modified Gory special, but Edge comes in and breaks it up. Rhodes tags out to Dibiase who comes in and prevents the hot tag, but Primo backdrops Dibiase over the top rope. Primo is finally able to tag out to Carlito who enters the match with a springboard dropkick. Carlito hits a kneelift on Rhodes, and follows up with a springboard elbow. Jericho comes in and hits a code breaker on Primo. Edge tags in, but Calito doesn’t realize it, Carlito hits a backstabber on Rhodes, but the ref doesn’t count. Edge hits Carlito with a spear and pins Carlito for the three.

Your winners and NEW WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, Edge and Jericho

After the match, Jericho and Edge celebrate with their newly won gold.

Randy Orton is backstage. He tells Cody and Ted not to worry about losing the match, they need to worry about helping Randy keep his title tonight. Dibiase complains that he and Rhodes aren’t anything but henchmen to Orton. Dibiase says ‘good luck with Triple H’ and walks away. Cody says he will talk to Dibiase.

Melina vs. Michelle McCool
WWE Women’s Championship Match

Melina is out first, followed by Michelle McCool, who has Alicia Fox in tow. Both women lock up, with McCool coming out very aggressively. Melina fights back with a DDT, and a backdrop. She follows up with a diving shoulder block, but she only gets two on the pin attempt. McCool hits a dropkick to Melina’s leg, and Melina won’t stop screaming. McCool kicks away at Melina’s leg, and wraps it around the bottom rope, stretching back. McCool slams Melina’s leg against the ring post, and kicks it against the steel ring steps. McCool covers Melina, but only gets a two. McCool stretches Melina’s leg, bringer her foot up to touch the top of her head. McCool tries for a boot in the corner, but Melina side steps McCool and hits a double knees to McCool’s stomach.

McCool tries for the faith breaker, but Melina reverses out with a hurricarana. McCool kicks away at Melina’s leg again and backs her into the corner, where she sits her on the top turnbuckle. McCool goes for a superplex, but Melina fights out, and hits a modified x-factor type move, but when she goes for the cover, Fox puts McCool’s leg on the rope. Melina kicks Fox and sends her to the floor. McCool hits the faith breaker, and gets the three.

Your winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool

CM Punk (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Championship Match

A video package is shown, highlighting the recent altercations between C.M. Punk and Jeff Hardy. Punk is out first to a fairly mixed reaction, and someone in the front row has a green Misawa sign (awesome, and classy). Hardy is out next to a huge pop. Punk and Hardy lock up with Punk backing Hardy into the corner. Clean break from Punk. Hardy and Punk trade headlocks, Hardy sends Punk into the ropes, and Punk retaliates with a shoulder block. Punk and Hardy chain wrestle for a little while, trading headlocks. Punk goes for the GTS early, but Hardy counters with a roll up, he only gets two. Hardy goes for the twist of fate, but Punk fights out. Hardy backdrops punk to the outside, and follows with a slingshot dive over the top rope.

Hardy tries to catch Punk by surprise, but Punk moves and Hardy bounces off the barricade, and almost gets counted out, but Hardy makes it back in the ring at 9. Back in the ring, Punk locks in a headscissors, and strikes at Hardy’s head with elbows.

Punk hits a backbreaker, but he can only get a two count. Punk locks in a figure four head lock, and tries to get Hardy to tap, but Hardy fights his way to the rope, forcing the break. Punk body slams Hardy, and goes up top, trying for a leg drop, but Hardy rolls out of the way, and Punk eats canvas. Hardy hits a whisper in the wind, but he only gets two on the pin attempt. Hardy hits a series of lariats, a Manhattan drop, and a leg drop before hitting a dropkick on a sitting Punk. Another near fall for Hardy. Hardy hits a front suplex and he goes up to the top turnbuckle, but Punk rolls to the outside. Hardy instead jumps off the apron to deliver a clothesline to Punk. Back in the ring, Hardy goes for a corner dropkick, but Punk almost catches him with the GTS. Punk hits a stiff kick to Hardy, follows it up with his running knee/bulldog combination, but he can only get two. Punk kicks and slaps away at Hardy, but he misses a backfist and gets caught with a twist of fate. Hardy goes up top, but he misses a swanton attempt.

Punk signals for the GTS, but Hardy catches Punk with a small package. Punk gets Hardy in GTS position, but Hardy fights out and hits another twist of fate. Hardy goes up top and hits a swanton. Hardy goes for the pin, and gets the three count, but the referee notices that Punk’s foot is under the ropes.

The decision is reversed, and this match is restarted!

Hardy goes for the twist of fate, and Punk tries for the GTS, but neither man can connect, and Hardy catches Punk’s left eye. Punk kicks the referee and gets himself disqualified.

Your Winner, Jeff Hardy
STILL World Heavyweight Champion, C.M. Punk

John Cena vs. The Miz

A video package is shown showing how this (pretty much non-existent) ‘feud’ got started. The Miz is out first to a bit of heat, and it’s actually a bit embarrassing when Cena comes out to a HUGE pop. Both men lock up and Cena takes Miz down immediately. Miz looks angry as he gets taken down by Cena twice, and for a third time. Cena just keeps countering and out-wrestling Miz. Cena knocks Miz down with a shoulder block, and takes him over with a front facelock. Miz bails from the ring and Cena gives chase, but back in the ring, Miz is able to get his hands around Cena’s neck and snap it backwards againt the top rope. Miz hits his corner lariat thing, and goes up top to hit a double axe handle to the back of Cena’s head. Miz continues to work on Cena with a lariat, but he can only get two when he goes for the pin.

Cena starts Hulking up, and fights back with a flying shoulder block, and his modified side belly to back suplex. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle, picks Miz up, and hits the Attitude Adjustment. Cena locks in the STF, and forces the Miz to tap out.

Your winner, John Cena

Randy Orton (c) vs. Triple H
3 Stages of Hell Match for the WWE Championship

1st Fall: Wrestling Match
2nd Fall: Falls Count Anywhere Match
3rd Fall (if necessary): Stretcher Match

We get a video package of the (extensive) history between Triple H and Randy Orton, and what led to this match. Orton is out to the ring first, and he gets a somewhat positive reaction, but the crowd is still pretty dead. That is until Triple H comes out to a pretty nice pop. Orton and Triple H start off trading right hands, with Triple H getting the upper hand, pounding on Orton in the corner. Orton is able to fight back with a big boot, and he tries to hit H’s leg against the ring post, but Triple H is able to pull Orton back into the ring post. Triple H goes for the pedigree, but Orton fights out and goes to work on Triple H’s left leg, slamming it against the ring post. Back in the ring, Orton continues to kick away at Hunter’s leg. Orton goes for the RKO but he can’t connect, and Triple H hits a spinebuster.

Orton hits a backbreaker that sends Triple H to the outside. Triple H comes up with a steel chair, and whacks Randy Orton, getting himself disqualified.

Winner of the first fall, Randy Orton, by DQ

Triple H and Orton go to the outside, where Triple H hits a pedigree, covers Orton, and gets the three.

Winner of the second fall, Triple H by pinfall

Hunter puts Orton on the stretch and starts rolling Orton up the ramp. Orton appears to be out of it, but he gets up and quickly kicks the stretcher into the knee of Triple H. Orton hits HHH with a chop block from behind, and both men are back down by the ring. Orton crotches Hunter on the barricade and HHH ends up in the front row of seats. Hunter and Orton fight out in the crowd, with Orton controlling the pace. Triple H is able to fight back and he clotheslines Orton over the barricade to move the action back to ringside. Orton picks up a piece of the barricade and whacks Triple H with it, before hitting a backbreaker on the barricade. Orton continues to use the security wall as a weapon, bouncing Hunter’s head off the barrier. Orton places Hunter on the stretcher, but HHH doesn’t stay down for long. Orton sends Hunter into the ring steps.

Orton picks up some of the steel steps and throws them into the ring. He picks them up and tries to attack HHH, but Hunter is able to catch Orton with a drop toe hold, forcing Orton to fall face first into the steps. Hunter picks up the steps and uses them as a battering ram to hit Orton in the head. Triple H drags Orton over and puts him on the stretcher. Triple H rolls Orton up the ramp, but Orton kicks at Hunter, so Hunter climbs on top of Orton to punch at him, and both men end up rolling down the ramp of the stretcher. Hunter tries to get Orton back on the stretcher, but Orton fights back, and uses the stretcher to assist in giving Hunter a DDT on the entrance ramp. Orton tries to punt HHH’s head, but misses and kicks the stretcher. Hunter goes for the pedigree, but Orton backdrops HHH onto the stretcher. Orton starts to roll the stretcher up the ramp, but when they get to the top Hunter gets off.

Orton looks to be setting up for the RKO, he goes for it, but HHH pushes him away. Hunter hits the pedigree, and both men are down. Hunter gets Orton on the Stretcher, but when he tries to push the stretcher across the line, Cody Rhodes comes out to prevent Triple H from getting it across the line. HHH puts down Rhodes and goes back to pull Orton across the line, but Dibiase comes out and attacks him from behind. Priceless put HHH on the stretcher, but Hunter fights back. Priceless puts Hunter down again, but he comes back up with a sledge hammer, and he puts down both members of Priceless. Orton comes up from behind though and attacks HH with a steel object of some sort. Hunter falls on top of the stretcher and Randy Orton pulls Triple H over the line to win the match.

Your winner and STILL WWE Champion, Randy Orton

After the match, Triple H stands behind Orton with his sledge hammer in hand. Hunter nails Orton in the temple with the sledge hammer, and the Pay Per View ends with Triple H posing over Legacy while his music plays.


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