WWE SmackDown Results (6/25): Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston, Bayley vs Nikki Cross, More!

June 25th, 2019
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Shane McMahon says last night fear finally got the best of Roman Reigns, and had to call on a deadman. He points out that he has beaten Reigns and stared into the face of the Deadman and survived, and that at Extreme Rules he will make Roman a Deadman too. Shane reminds people that he runs this company, and tells the roster not to get on his bad side because quite frankly… he’s pissed.


After a serious promo from Shane McMahon, the mood is quickly changed as WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and his New Day brothers hit the ring. Kofi says ever since he won the WWE Title, he has experienced some of the greatest moments of his entire life.

He added that he has also suffered some of the most brutal and agonising moments of his career. Kofi says before he had chance to celebrate his victory over Dolph Ziggler at Stomping Grounds, he was attacked by Samoa Joe.

He says that Samoa Joe is not a complicated man, he is a force of nature. Kofi continues by saying that Samoa Joe thinks that he is a shark who has found his prey, but he will be dammed if he lets him eat him alive.

Dolph Ziggler then arrives and says he did all the hard work and heavy lifting and he isn’t going to let another wrestler come in and steal his spot. He says this isn’t a joke or a game, this is his career and his livelihood and tells Kofi that he knows deep inside that at Super ShowDown, Xavier Woods saved him.

Ziggler says that at Stomping Grounds, Kofi took the cowards way out to save his title. Dolph says he was talking with WWE management and they let him know that if he beats Kofi Kingston tonight, he will be added to the Extreme Rules WWE Championship match, making it a triple threat match. Dolph adds that tonight’s match will be two-out-of-three falls.


The Miz attempts to go into Shane McMahon’s office, but Elias is outside and doesn’t let him in so Miz tells him to inform Shane he wants one more match. Shane then comes out and speaks with Elias, stating he will face Miz tonight…IF he can beat Elias in a two-out-of-three falls match.


Daniel Bryan immediately gets the best of Xavier Woods with a shoulder tackle, sending the New Day member to the mat, but he quickly responds with a big dropkick of his own. Bryan then manages to make a tag and Rowan destroys Woods with a huge boot to the face as the champions work down Woods in their corner.

Woods then manages to catch Rowan with a boot to the face, but it barely bothers him as he quickly goes back about his business. However, Woods then slips out of Rowan’s arms and starts to get in some kicks and chops, but the big Redwood simply flattens Xavier after charging off the ropes.

As we return from commercial, the Planets Champions continue to isolate Xavier Woods, but he finally manages to make the hot tag as Big E charges in and starts throwing Daniel Bryan around the ring with some massive belly-to-bellies.

Big E then looks for a big splash but Bryan gets his knees up and locks in the Lebell Lock, but Woods breaks things up and then takes out Rowan on the outside. However, in the ring, Bryan hits several Yes Kicks, but when he goes for the running knee into the corner, Big E catches Bryan and plants him into the ring.

E tags in Woods and the two men hit the Midnight Hour and pin the tag team champions.

Winners: New Day

After the match, there is no time to celebrate as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attack New Day, but Heavy Machinery makes their way down to the ring and clean house in order to make the save.

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