WWE Responds To Anti-Linda "Moms Opposing McMahons" Group

– According to Connecticut’s, a group of women calling themselves “Moms Opposing McMahon” gathered Wednesday morning in a park to protest Republican Linda McMahon’s bid for United States Senate. The group’s leader, Leslie Simoes, said this about McMahon:

“We oppose McMahon’s candidacy and attempts to reinvent herself as a proven jobs creator when in reality she has profited by marketing violence against women and mistreatment of her employees.”

WWE has since responded to the claims made by “Moms Opposing McMahon”:

“All WWE broadcast programming is TV-PG, rated not by us, but by the standards and practices departments of our TV network distributors, while the majority of today’s prime time programming is rated TV-14. Five million women watch WWE’s weekly TV programming, representing nearly 40 percent of our TV audience. Women would not be watching if they found our programming objectionable.”

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