WWE RAW Results 9/24

WWE RAW is live tonight from Pepsi Center in Denver. Here’s the latest to get you ready for the show: 

The Shield will kick off the show. The Riott Squad will also take on the Bellas and Natalya. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre defend the tag belts against The Revival. Lashley will continue his feud with Elias. 

RAW Opening Segment
We open up the show in the garage to see Acting General Manager Baron Corbin go up to a limousine. Stephanie McMahon comes out looking upset. Corbin wishes her a happy birthday and sings. Corbin stops when Triple H comes out. Corbin says he set up her office the way she wants. McMahon says everything she needs to say can be said here. Triple H wishes him luck and leaves. Corbin said he’s been doing the best he can. She says she was hoping he’d do a good job since Kurt Angle is on vacation, but he hasn’t lived up to that. Was it a good idea to put himself in a match for the Universal Championship? Corbin says he’s been antagonized by The Shield. She suggests he find two partners to take them on tonight. If he doesn’t start doing a better job, Angle might be back sooner than anticipated. She walks off, and Corbin looks concerned.

The Shield’s music hits, and they make their way to the ring. Dean Ambrose says you’re looking at the three workhorses in WWE. They may have lost a few battles here and there, but they have never lost a war. They’re still standing. Roman Reigns says you can read off their resumes, but it would take all day. Reigns gets booed immediately upon talking. Reigns says all they have to do is this: Reigns and Seth Rollins raise up their championships while Ambrose lurks behind. Reigns says the championships are the keys to the kingdom, and everyone wants these. That’s why Brock Lesnar came back and Baron Corbin booked himself in a championship match. These titles change your life, but the fact is the only men that deserve the championships are the ones in the ring. Rollins says this is and always will be about being the best. They are the best. Braun Strowman wanted that power so much that he recruited two jackasses to try to take The Shield down at Super Show-Down. As for tonight, Baron Corbin, the world’s largest substitute teacher, thinks The Shield is a problem. Stephanie McMahon wants him to find two partners and show The Shield who the boss is. They’re out here and want to show him how big a problem they can be.
Baron Corbin’s music hits, and he comes out. Corbin says Stephanie McMahon is here, and it’s her birthday. Corbin won’t let RAW turn into madness. He’s putting his foot down. Then he’ll throw them around with his partners like rag dolls, and he’ll impress his boss. Corbin says they’re selfish individuals. There isn’t a guy in the locker room that likes them, including these guys…
Braun Strowman’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage with the RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. A “Get these hands” chant picks up. Strowman tells Reigns to shine the championship belt up nicely because he won’t be wearing it long. As far as The Shield is concerned, he can see the cracks forming. They’re going to implode, falling apart from the inside. At WWE Super Show(-Down), it’ll be the two of them taking on the two of them. Rollins immediately capitalizes on the botch and tells him to check his math. Strowman tells him to check on Dean Ambrose. Ziggler says Ambrose doesn’t need The Shield. Two years ago, he was WWE Champion all on his own. Now he has nothing. McIntyre says he’s a brutally honest individual. Last week, Ambrose pushed him to the limit, and he was lucky to come away with the victory. McIntyre says Reigns and Rollins do not appreciate him. Ambrose deserves more. Ziggler calls him “Disposable Dean.” When Rollins couldn’t beat him at SummerSlam, he brought Ambrose back. What did he get for that? Nothing. The next night, Strowman tried to cash in, so Ambrose sacrificed himself for nothing. Rollins says this is ridiculous. Ziggler says they won’t even let him talk. How long after Ambrose’s injury did Rollins replace him? A week later, Rollins was teaming with Jason Jordan. They are the Tag Team Champions. At Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman will beat Roman for the Universal Championship. If Ambrose hangs with them, the Intercontinental Championship is all his. Ambrose just stares psychotically up the ramp.

Reigns tells them to shut up. These people didn’t pay money to watch them bump their gums. They paid their money to watch them whoop their asses, so let’s do it. They throw down the microphones, but Corbin stops them. This is not happening right now. A “YES” chant fires up. They can chant all they want, but it’s not happening. Ziggler and McIntyre have to defend their RAW Tag Team Championships tonight. He’ll find two partners and deal with The Shield.
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre will defend the RAW Tag Team Championships against The Revival later tonight. Bobby Lashley will take on Elias. Finn Balor is warming up backstage when Bayley walks up to him and hugs him. They’re partners in the Mixed Match Challenge. Balor will face Jinder Mahal, next. We go to commercial. 
Jinder Mahal with Alicia Fox and Sunil Singh vs. Finn Balor with Bayley
They lock up, and Mahal powers him to the corner. Mahal punches and stomps him down. Mahal connects with a scoop slam and towers over Balor before applying a chin lock. Mahal knees him in the back twice and applies a side headlock. Balor gets to his feet, so Mahal hits a headlock takeover. Balor fights up and whips him off. Mahal shoulder blocks him down and reapplies a chin lock. Balor fights up and whips him off before dropkicking him down. Balor then clotheslines him over the top rope and connects with a summersault senton. We take another commercial break.
We come back from the break to see Mahal send Balor into the ropes to kick him down. Mahal smothers him on the middle rope before dropping a knee. Mahal digs his knee into the injured ribs before applying an abdominal stretch. Balor tries to fight up, but Mahal tries to stop him. Balor counters a sunset flip by rolling through and dropkicking him. Balor hits a flying forearm, sweeps the feet, and hits a double stomp to the midsection. Balor chops him in the corner before having a whip reversed. Balor slingshots over Mahal, but he eats a kick. Balor comes back with a kick to the head and goes to the top rope. Mahal gets up, so Balor jumps over him and hits a Sling Blade. Balor sizes him up and goes for a corner dropkick, but Singh sweeps the feet. Mahal quickly rolls him up for a two count. Mahal quickly clubs him down and hits the ropes, but Bayley sweeps the feet. Alicia Fox approaches Bayley. Bayley blocks a punch and takes her down. Singh tries to fight her, so she gives him Bayley-To-Belly on the floor. Mahal is shocked by what’s going on. Balor then rolls him up for the win.
Winner: Finn Balor with Bayley
Mahal is furious and throws Sunil Singh down at ringside. Mahal gets Singh in the ring and shouts at him. Alicia Fox is egging Mahal on. Mahal gets him to his feet before calming himself down. Mahal then slaps him in the face and does his calming technique. They all sit in the ring and pose.
Footage is shown from last week of Ronda Rousey issuing an open challenge only for The Riott Squad to come out with an unconscious Natalya and attack her. The Bella Twins made the save.
Natalya’s music hits, and she’s followed by The Bella Twins. They’ll take on The Riott Squad, next. We go back to a commercial break. 

Natalya & The Bellas vs. The Riott Squad
Nikki Bella starts against Liv Morgan. Nikki throws her down, so Morgan takes her down before kicking her in the ribs. Morgan taunts her and hits the ropes, but Nikki follows her in and shoulder blocks her down. Nikki hits a hammerlock backbreaker for a two count. Nikki pulls her to her corner by the hair, and Brie Bella tags in. They hits a double-team rolling slam for a two count. Brie starts hitting the YES Kicks and legitimately kicks her in the face twice, knocking her out. Morgan is out on her feet. Bad situation.
Ruby Riott tags in and applies a side headlock to Brie. Brie fights up and elbows her back. Brie hits a missile dropkick and a Brie Mode knee to the face for a two count. The Riott Squad all run into the ring, including a loopy Liv Morgan, and Natalya and The Bellas hit a triple suplex. They get them in the ring, and Riott forearms Brie off the apron. Time for another commercial. 
We come back from the break to see Sarah Logan applying a wristlock to Brie. Liv Morgan is not on the apron, so it appears she’s out of the match. Logan quickly takes Brie down and catapults her into a forearm from Riott. Riott tags in and kicks her in the face before applying a neck vice. They acknowledge that Morgan has been taken to the back.
Natalya and Logan tag in. Natalya hits a pair of clotheslines and knocks Riott off the apron. Natalya hits a German Suplex and a discus clothesline, but Riott breaks it up. Nikki and Brie run in, but they’re cleared from the ring. Natalya sends Logan into the ropes, but Riott blind tags in. Natalya applies a Sharpshooter to Logan, but Riott attacks from behind. Riott then hits the Riott Kick for the win.
Winners: The Riott Squad
The RAW Superstars are coming out on stage for a Connor’s Cure presentation, next. Back to more commercials.

Connor’s Cure Presentation
The RAW roster is on the stage, while Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are in the ring. She talks about WWE fan and Hall of Famer Connor Michalek and how they’ve raised $2.5 million in his name, helping 400 families. They put over the fight against pediatric cancer and show how they’ve teamed with a new tag team partner.
Video Package: Hyundai Hope On Wheels teams with WWE to combat pediatric cancer
The Hyundai Hope On Wheels car drives into the arena, covered in hand prints from WWE Superstars and children battling cancer. McMahon then introduces two of WWE’s newest superstars. They are the 2018 Hope On Wheels ambassadors. They are not only surviving their cancer battle, they are thriving. She welcomes Carter and Elizabeth to the ring, along with the ambassador for Hyundai Hope On Wheels. They make their way to the ring high-fiving fans and smiling widely.
Triple H says Carter and Elizabeth are not only survivors, they are the coolest kids he’s met. Triple H has Elizabeth do a Fortnite dance. They then present them with two WWE Championships. A “You deserve it” chant picks up for them. Elizabeth starts to cry tears of joy. Triple H and Stephanie raise their arms up.
Zafar Brooks takes the microphone and says these kids know about fighting and winning, just like WWE. Hyundai Hope On Wheels is celebrating 20 years of saving lives and creating hope. They are so proud to team with WWE and Connor’s Cure in the fight to save lives and beat pediatric cancer. Together they are putting the smackdown on pediatric cancer. This work is important, hard, and expensive, so they’re supporting WWE and Connor’s Cure. On behalf of the Hyundai dealers and Hope On Wheels, they’re presenting WWE with a check for $200,000 for Connor’s Cure.
The Shield will take on Baron Corbin and two mystery partners later tonight. We’ll also see Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre take on The Revival with the RAW Tag Team Championships on the line. We go to commercial.

Will Dean Ambrose Turn On The Shield?
Dean Ambrose is backstage looking lethargic. Dolph Ziggler walks up to him, and he grabs him by the jacket. Ziggler says The Shield doesn’t care about him. Where were they for nine months when he nearly died from a staph infection. Ziggler was on Smackdown with him. He was WWE Champion on his own. The Shield doesn’t care about him. Ziggler knows how hard it is to turn on your brothers. They’ll be out there watching. If he gives the signal, they’ll take care of the rest.
A pretaped promo is shown with Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. In order to beat Konnor, Gable will have to WWBRD… What Would Bobby Roode Do? Konnor is showed in a pretaped promo warning Chad Gable that his mentor will not be able to prevent the carnage that is about to happen.

Chad Gable with Bobby Roode vs. Konnor with Viktor
Konnor kicks and clubs Gable before punching him in the face. Konnor whips him hard into the corner, and Gable hits sternum first. Konnor picks up a two count. Konnor applies a chin lock, but Gable fights up. Konnor slings him down and keeps the chin lock applied. Konnor knees him in the midsection and elbows him in the face. Konnor puts him on the top rope, but Gable quickly applies an arm bar hanging over the top rope. Gable lets go and hits a missile dropkick to the knee. Konnor looks furious. Gable ducks two hits and takes him down. Gable hits a rolling kick and a German Suplex with a bridge for a two count. Gable goes to the top rope and lands on his feet when Konnor avoids the moonsault. Gable hits the ropes, and Konnor avalanches him down. Konnor hits a Dominator for the win.
Winner: Konnor

Backstage with Triple H
Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are walking to their limousine when Charly Caruso stops them. She asks about The Undertaker. Triple H asks what she wants to know. She wants a response to Undertaker’s comments. If Undertaker is worried about a suit, then he’s already lost. They won’t be fighting in suits or a boardroom. As far as him taking his soul, he sold that a long time ago. Anybody that is honest with themselves can feel it in the air. It’s been coming for a while now. When it comes to The Undertaker… the end is near. Triple H gets in the limo, and it drives off.
Triple H will take on The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down. Kane will be in Undertaker’s corner, while Shawn Michaels will be in Triple H’s.
Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring. They’ll defend the RAW Tag Team Championships against The Revival, next. We take a break.

RAW Tag Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. The Revival 
Dolph Ziggler will start against Scott Dawson. They lock up, and Ziggler gets him in the corner before giving a clean break. Ziggler then shoves him, so Dawson chops him down. Dawson wrenches the arm and tags in Dash Wilder. Ziggler quickly puts him in the corner, and Drew McIntyre tags in. McIntyre bounces him off the turnbuckle and chops him down. Ziggler tags in and punches Wilder in the ribs. Ziggler punches him in the corner and tries for a splash in the corner, but Wilder moves. Wilder then hits a back suplex. Dawson tags in, and he stomps Ziggler’s arm while Wilder holds it down. Dawson hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Wilder tags in, and Dawson whips Ziggler into a slingshot battering ram from Wilder for a two count. Wilder chops Ziggler and puts him in the corner. Ziggler elbows him back and goes for a spike DDT, but Wilder flapjacks him. Wilder then applies the Rings of Saturn. Wilder tries to pull him to the middle of the ring to reapply the hold, but Ziggler gets out. Wilder shoves him into the ropes and cross-bodies him over the top rope to the floor. Wilder gets to his feet and charges, but Ziggler sidesteps him to send him shoulder-first into the ring steps.
McIntyre tags in, and he stomps Wilder while he gets in the ring. McIntyre hits a massive suplex for a two count. Now for another commercial break. 
We come back from the break to see Ziggler stopping Wilder from making a tag, but he’s unsuccessful. Dawson jabs away at Ziggler and punches him down. Dawson hits a heel kick and knocks McIntyre off the apron. Dawson hits a tiger bomb for a near fall. Wilder tags in, and Dawson hits a superplex. Wilder then hits a splash and covers, but McIntyre breaks it up. Wilder sends him into the ring post and knocks him down. Ziggler rolls Wilder up, but he kicks out. They botch a famouser attempt, but Wilder gets up with Ziggler on his shoulders. Dawson tags in, and they hit the Doomsday Device for a near fall.
Ziggler manages to get away and stumbles into McIntyre. McIntyre takes them both down and puts Wilder on the top rope before chopping him. McIntyre throws Dawson over the top rope and catches Wilder. Dawson hits a missile dropkick, and Wilder nearly picks up the pin, but McIntyre kicks out. McIntyre takes Dawson out before tagging in Ziggler. They hit the Zig-Zag/Claymore Kick combo on Wilder for the win.
Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre Retain the Raw Tag belts
The Shield will take on Baron Corbin and two mystery partners in the main event. Bobby Lashley will also take on Elias. Coming up next, The Kevin Owens Show makes a comeback when we return from a commercial break. 

Elias Opens for the KO Show
“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”
Elias strums a chord and greets the crowd before playing a riff. Elias says he’s a breath of life in an otherwise lifeless world. Elias only speaks the truth. The truth is that Denver doesn’t deserve an Elias performance. That gets loud boos. Elias will pass it on to an intelligent friend of his, who is his partner at WWE Super Show-Down. They’ll take on Bobby Lashley and a man who knows all too well what WWE stands for, John Cena. Elias then introduces Kevin Owens.
Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring to host The Kevin Owens Show. Owens thanks Elias and sits at his desk. Owens runs down Bobby Lashley and the guy he beat on his first night on the main roster, John Cena. Owens says they have to talk about what happened with Lashley and Lio Rush last week. Owens doesn’t know much about Lio Rush other than he’s Lashley’s hype-man, but he also talked trash about him on commentary. Owens says he’s a generous man and forgiving. Owens is giving Rush an opportunity to step onto his stage. Owens introduces Lio Rush as his guest.
Lio Rush makes his entrance, but he stays on the stage. Rush thanks them for inviting The Man of the Hour to the show. Owens tells him to join them in the ring. Rush doesn’t have to flip, roll, and duck. They just want to get to know him. Rush says he and Lashley made them look like fools. He’s the big man’s hype-man and the 23 year old piece of gold, but he’s not naive. Elias assures him that they’ve arranged special seating for him. They pull out a booster seat and put it on a folding chair. Rush says he knows someone else that would love to hear these jokes. This is a Rocky Mountain machine. He is the heavyweight that is here to dominate. Rush introduces Denver, Colorado’s own, Bobby Lashley.
Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring to a nice reception. Lashley will take on Elias, next.

Elias with Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush
They circle the ring, and a “Bobby” chant picks up. Lashley shoves Elias to the corner and angrily stares at him. Elias comes out of the corner, and Lashley takes him down with a waistlock. Elias applies a waistlock, but Lashley turns it and takes him down again. Lashley applies a side headlock before bouncing him in the corner. Lashley stomps him down and goes for the 10 punches, but Elias sweeps the feet. Elias then applies a chin lock. A “Let’s go Bobby” chant fires up. Elias knees him in the face, but Lashley comes back with a shoulder block. Elias tries to make a come back, but Lashley hits a running cross-body. Lashley then does the 10 punches in the corner. Lashley follows up with a sidewalk slam for a two count. Elias knocks him back and comes off the second rope, but Lashley catches him. Elias slides off and chop blocks him. Elias clubs him in the back and stomps him. Elias drops a knee and bangs his leg off the ring post. Elias pulls him into the ring and picks up a two count. Elias hits a leg breaker and applies a death lock. Lashley punches out, but Elias quickly stops him. Lashley fights back and elbows him. Lashley hits a clothesline before clotheslining him over the top rope. Lashley is bleeding from the mouth. Lashley bounces Elias off the barricade. Lashley gets him in the ring, and Elias kicks him in the knee to take him down. We take a break. 
We come back from the break to see Elias applying a single leg crab to Lashley. During the commercial, Lashley came off the second rope, but Elias kneed him out of mid-air. Lashley pulls Elias out of the ring to try to catch his breath. Elias runs in, and Lashley hits him with a reverse STO. They trade punches before Lashley kicks him. Lashley hits a clothesline and a big suplex. Lashley then spears him out of the ring. Kevin Owens starts to chase Lio Rush, and he accidentally knees Lashley in the face. The referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Bobby Lashley By Disqualification
Rush tries to run away, but he’s caught by Owens and Elias. Lashley saves Rush before he takes a powerbomb.

Drew McIntyre is drinking water backstage when Seth Rollins walks up to him. Rollins says the truth about McIntyre is he’s being used by Dolph Ziggler and Braun Strowman. Ziggler has been riding his coattails since day one. Why is Ziggler getting the Intercontinental Championship shots? Ziggler is the weak link and has been carried by McIntyre. If he’s going to point fingers and accuse them of using Ambrose, which they’re not, he better evaluate himself. Rollins walks off while Ziggler is walking up. Ziggler asks what that was about. McIntyre tells him not to worry about it.
The Shield will take on Baron Corbin and two partners of his choosing in the main event.
Nia Jax makes her way to the ring with Ember Moon. She’ll face Alicia Fox, next. We go to commercials again.

Nia Jax vs. Alicia Fox

We go to the ring and out comes Nia Jax to a pop. Ember Moon is with her. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and the announcers show us video of actor Kevin Hart giving a WWE Pop Quiz to actress Tiffany Haddish. This is to promote their new Night School movie. We go back to the ring and Jax waits with Moon as we see a sidebar video recorded earlier the day with the two. Moon mentioned Jax being nominated for a People’s Choice Award. Alicia Fox makes her way out with Mickie James and the injured Alexa Bliss.
The match starts and Jax goes to work on Fox. Jax overpowers and slams Fox. Jax with another big move, sending Fox to regroup on the floor with Bliss and Mickie. Moon runs over and nails a big rolling cannonball to Mickie on the floor. Jax comes out and rolls Fox back in the ring. Fox kicks Jax as she re-enters. Fox with a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count.
Fox keeps Jax grounded in the middle of the ring now as Moon looks on. Jax powers up and rams Fox back into the corner while on her back. Fox counters and levels Jax with a running kick. Fox with another 2 count. Fox works Jax around with strikes and talks some trash. Fox charges but Jax scoops her for a big Samoan Drop and covers for the pin.
Winner: Nia Jax

After the match, Moon hits the ring to check on Jax and raise her arm. Bliss enters to check on Fox and help her out of the ring.
Dean Ambrose is backstage when Drew McIntyre enters. Ambrose gets in his face and ask what’s up. Drew says he should be asking the same thing to Ambrose. Drew mentions the talk he just had with Rollins and wonders what he would be up to. Drew says it’s either two things – Rollins has this big idea for a four-man Shield or everything they said about Ambrose being used is true. Rollins reminds Ambrose that he has been stabbed in the back before by his brothers, then walks out as Ambrose watches.
The announcers hype a look at Triple H vs. The Undertaker before sending us back to commercial.
Back from the break and the announcers lead us to a video package for Triple H vs. The Undertaker at WWE Super Show-Down. Kane and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will be in their corners. The announcers confirm Michaels for next Monday’s go-home episode.
The Shield vs. Baron Corbin and The Authors of Pain

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes The Shield. Dean Ambrose, WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns had to the ring through the crowd. We go to commercial as they pose for the crowd.
Back from the break and next week’s RAW will feature Lashley vs. Owens plus Riott vs. RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey in a non-title match. We go back to the ring and The Shield waits for their opponents. Baron Corbin is out next with a smirk on his face. Corbin calls on everyone to give it up for The Shield and their first match together on RAW in more than a year. Corbin says this may be their last together because we all see the breakup coming. Corbin says the entire roster was beating on his door to be his partners tonight. He introduces his partners and out come The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. They are accompanied by their manager, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick.
The match looks ready to begin but Braun Strowman’s music interrupts. Braun comes to the stage with RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. They’re all holding steel chairs. They stare down at ring before taking their seats on the stage to watch the match. Corbin starts off with Ambrose.
Ambrose takes Corbin down first and turns a hold into a quick pin attempt. Corbin turns it around but Ambrose takes him with a drop toe hold. Ambrose keeps Corbin down and rocks him. Rollins tags in for a double suplex with Rollins. Rollins with a 2 count on Corbin. Akam ends up tagging in and manhandling Rollins a bit before dropping him with a shoulder. Rollins boots Akam and Ambrose tags in. They double team Akam but turn around to the new legal man, Rezar. Rezar floors Ambrose and Rollins at the same time. Rezar scoops Ambrose but he slides out. Reigns tags in and fans give a mixed reaction as Rezar stares at him. Reigns stares back as the crowd pops. They meet in the middle of the ring and Rezar talks trash. Reigns swings first and connects. Reigns goes on but Rezar takes him to the corner for shoulder thrusts. Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre look on from the stage.
Reigns fights back with an elbow and right hands. Reigns scoops Rezar for a Samoan Drop but can’t get him up. Reigns drops Rezar but Rezar quickly gets back to his feet and gets in Reigns’ face. All six Superstars face off in the ring now. A big brawl breaks out and The Shield clears the ring as fans pop. Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre stand up on the stage and grab their chairs. They head to the ring with the chairs as The Shield waits. The Authors of Pain and Corbin take advantage of the distraction and attack from behind, sending Ambrose and Rollins out of the ring, into the barriers. Corbin hits Reigns with a chokeslam backbreaker combo in the ring but Reigns kicks out at 2. We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Reigns goes down with Corbin. Akam and Rollins get the hot tags and they go at it. Akam misses a shot and Rollins nails an enziguri. Rollins goes on and hits the Blockbuster as fans chant “burn it down!” at him. Rollins cranks up for the Stomp as fans do the chant again. Rollins kicks Akam instead and Corbin pulls Rollins to the floor over the top rope. Corbin tags in and rams Rollins back into the barrier. Corbin grabs Rollins and sends him into the barrier again. Rollins gets double teamed on the floor by The Authors as Drake cheers them on.
Corbin brings Rollins back into the ring and Rezar tags in. Ambrose looks on for the tag and fans chant for him. Rollins fights up out of a hold but Rezar rams him back into the corner. Akam tags in for the double team in the corner. Akam with a 2 count.

Akam with more big moves to Rollins before tagging in Corbin. Corbin takes his time with Rollins and looks down at him in the middle of the ring. Corbin knocks Reigns off the apron. Ambrose tries to come in and go at Corbin but the referee gets in between them. Rollins gets up and drops Corbin with a Slingblade. Akam comes over and pulls Ambrose off the apron. Reigns runs over and rocks Akam but Rezar makes the save. Drake watches as they double team Reigns and send him into the steel steps. The Authors drop Reigns on the floor with a Last Chapter. Corbin lifts Rollins in the ring but Rollins slides out and rolls him for a 2 count. Corbin catches Rollins with a Deep Six for a close 2 count.
Rezar tags in and Akam goes to the corner for a double team set-up but Rollins counters before they can hit it, sending one out of the ring and dropping the other. Corbin tags in and stops Rollins from tagging but Rollins counters and in comes Ambrose. Ambrose unloads on Corbin as fans pop. Corbin looks to block a Dirty Deeds attempt but Ambrose rolls him up for a pin attempt. Ambrose ends up taking out all three opponents with a baseball slide to the floor. Ambrose brings Corbin back in and goes to the top but Akam comes from the floor and crotches him, sending him to the mat. Corbin grabs Ambrose for End of Days but Ambrose punches him. Corbin runs out and right back in but Ambrose catches him with a neckbreaker. Ambrose goes to the top and hits the big elbow drop but The Authors break the pin up. Rollins and Reigns are still down on the outside, unable to help.
Reigns suddenly hits the ring with a Superman Punch to Rezar. Rollins hits Akam. Rollins with a Stomp to Corbin and a big dive. Rollins with another dive to the floor on The Authors. Ambrose ends pup hitting Dirty Deeds on Corbin in the ring. One of The Authors gets knocked back off the apron. Reigns tags in and calls for a Spear on Corbin. Reigns nails it as Corbin gets up. Reigns covers Corbin for the pin to win.
Winners: The Shield

After the match, The Shield stands tall in the ring as Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre look on from the stage. Drake regroups The Authors on the outside. The Shield’s music stops as we see Ambrose on the outside, looking to be in deep thought. Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre stand up and look down at the ring to see if this is the signal they were hoping for. Ambrose returns to the ring and stands with The Shield for their signature fist bump. Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre have moved closer to the ring but they watch as The Shield pose together and stand tall in the ring. RAW goes off the air with The Shield taunting their Super Show-Down opponents from the ring.

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