WWE Promotes NXT Referee, Update on Paul Heyman's Status

– Steve Bennett, an NXT referee, was told that he’s being brought up to the Raw roster. The plan is for the refs to be separated into Raw brand officials and Smackdown brand officials.

– Paul Heyman was not listed with Brock Lesnar on the WWE draft graphics because his contract with WWE has actually expired. As of now, the two sides haven’t come to any agreement on a new agreement or renewal, so WWE decided not to state that he would be coming to Raw with Lesnar.

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— Speaking of Paul Heyman, he recently made some noise on the internet during an interview in which he implied that Brock Lesnar’s win over the Undertaker at Wrestlemania might have been a shoot. Heyman – speaking in cryptic terms – threw out the idea that Lesnar pinned Taker in such a way that he couldn’t kick out.

— reached out to a WWE source on this topic and we were told that Lesnar going over Taker at WM 30 was the plan all along. According to the source, the main reason for Lesnar winning was that “Vince figured this was Undertaker’s last match” but as it turns out, Taker ended up not actually retiring so the loss felt “somewhat out of place, but definitely was planned.”

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