WWE Officials Down On Member Of Cryme Tyme, "Voices" CD Sales Plunge, More

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Cryme Tyme member Shad Gaspard is said to be the on bubble, which could affect JTG’s standing in WWE if the company doesn’t want to push him as a singles wrestler. Gaspard was originally slated to participate in the Royal Rumble match a few weeks ago, but officials pulled him as a message to improve.

John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations, recently had a face-to-face meeting with Gaspard specifically telling him the company was unhappy with his lack of progress. Gaspard has been training at the Florida Championship Wrestling school in between road trips.

Gaspard has always been slow when it comes to picking things up. While he’s actually improved greatly, it is because he started out so slowly that he’s now only below average. This is one of the reasons why he is never used in singles matches and his ring time is generally kept short in tag matches with JTG doing most of the work. Had it not been for the Cryme Tyme gimmick, it is unknown if Gaspard would have been called up to the main roster in the first place.

— As predicted, sales for WWE’s “Voices” CD took a plunge in week two. The CD fell out of Billboard’s top 50 chart and is estimated at selling approximately 7,000 copies. Regarding this, music industry insider Mike Omansky said, “Unless there is a major retail event, which is doubtful at this point, this album is dying a quick death as far as significant sales go.” It should be noted that CD sales includes sales from all retail outlets except Wal-mart, which doesn’t report to Billboard.

— Here are some recent attendance figures. Friday’s Raw brand house show in Vancouver, BC, drew a sellout in advance of 5,500. The 2/7 Raw show in Victoria, BC, drew 5,000. Sunday’s show in Sacramento did 9,500. Friday’s Smackdown show in Kennewick, Washington drew 2,000. Sunday’s Smackdown show in Bakersfield, California drew a sellout in the 2,500-seat convention center.

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