WWE NXT Results – September 12th, 2018

  A bit of a simpler episode of NXT took place this week with a few new matches and programs beginning, but after last week’s fantastic episode featuring the match between Johnny Gargano vs. The Velveteen Dream, this was a much more laid back edition of the show. The mystery over who attacked Aleister Black continues, but it seems as if the answers are slowly beginning to reveal themselves with each passing week. Also, this week’s show was concluded by a match featuring two of the brightest female stars on NXT right now, but let’s start from the beginning of the show.
  NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa was show making his way into the Full Sail University building. Several people were trying to interview Ciampa and ask him questions, but he blew them off and did not even acknowledge the presence of a single one of them.
Adrian Jaoude & Cezar Bononi vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch – 

  This was Oney Lorcan’s first match back on NXT television since he received a broken orbital bone when he and Burch challenged Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong for the NXT Tag Team Championships back at NXT Takover: Chicago. Lorcan and Burch are back in business now, and anyone who thought that Oney would tone down his brutal in-ring style when his injury finished healing was definitely wrong.
  Burch gave Bononi some uppercuts to start the match off. He took Cezar into the corner and hit a step-up enzuigiri and a missile dropkick on him. Lorcan was briefly tagged in, and he and Burch both hit dropkicks on Cezar at the same time to send him down. Burch comes back in next as Cezar makes the tag to Adrian Jaoude. Adrian tried to implement a few jiu-jitsu maneuvers on Burch, including an armbar, which he was not able to secure on Burch. The British wrestler fought out of the move but got shoved into the corner of his opponents side of the ring. 
  Bononi came in and was able to wear down Danny Burch while Lorcan waited outside for his partner to tag him into the match. Jaoude was tagged in next, but Danny slid under him and dashed over to Oney to make the tag. 
  Coming in hot, Lorcan went right to work by attacking both Adrian and Cezar. He got them both in seperate corners of the ring and ran back and fourth to each side administering some lethal uppercuts. Without the possibility of anymore interference, this was Lorcan and Burch’s time to shine. Lorcan tagged Danny Burch back in, and they hit an implant DDT together for a dominant win.

WInners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch
  Tommaso Ciampa came down to the ring with new entrance music after previously coming down to the ring without any music whatsoever. In the ring, Ciampa said that his new song was chosen as a way to tell the fans to shut their mouths. The champion says that he has heard and seen all of the messages about him being the one who attacked Aleister Black and prevented him from fighting for the NXT Championship against Ciampa and Johnny Gargano at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn. Tommaso claimed that he likes to have an audience for his attacks and that he would not attack Black and hide from admitting to it. Ciampa said that a champion never lies, and notes that he wanted to attack Aleister before Takeover, but someone else had already beaten him to it.
  That does not matter to him though, because Ciampa says that the result at NXT Takeover would have been the same regardless if Black was fighting him for the title or not. Tommaso claimed that the NXT Championship was speaking to him and told him that it felt great to be back in the main event of a Takeover show. Before he left, the champion made the bold claim that he is the greatest success story in the history of the entire business and that if people want to be winners like him, then they should all “follow the lead of Tommaso Ciampa.” Ciampa left the arena and nobody came out to say otherwise. Apparerntly everyone backstage in NXT agrees with him.

Shayna Baszler vs. Violet Payne –
  Former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler went down to the ring looking to prove that she has not lost a step in the ring since she lost the NXT Women’s Championship to Kairi Sane back at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn last month. It appears that Baszler is eager to get her rematch for the title as quickly as possible because she made quite the statement here during this match against a young lady by the name of Violet Payne.
  The crowd believed that Violet didn’t stand a chance in this match, which to be fair, she didn’t. Payne instantly was taken down by Baszler and she began to go for her arm. Baszler began to bend the arm back in several different ways and at nearly every angle that she could. She then stomped on Payne’s hand before raising her boot and stomping on her elbow that was sticking upwards. This is a move that she has done before, but it still looks quite impressive and devastating.
  Everyone knew what was next after that: a rear naked choke on Violet Payne. Shayna’s opponent wasn’t even able to find a small way to fight out of the move, so she tapped out before eventually passing out anyway since Baszler refused to break the hold.
  Now that the match was over, Baszler proceeded to leave and head to the back. As she got towards the stage, Shayna decided to turn around and lock in another choke, which caused Payne to pass out a second time. Officials tried to send Shayna to the back, but she puts her to sleep for a third time! Baszler then pushed Payne away from her and stormed off, clearly establishing that she is eager to face Kairi Sane again and become a two-time NXT Women’s Champion sooner rather than later.
Winner: Shayna Baszler
  Heavy Machinery cut a promo outside on their phone talking about Tommaso Ciampa possibly attacking Aleister Black before the NXT Champion walked behind them and overheard their conversation. Ciampa said that they need to respect him and talk to him in person if they have a thought or opinion about him. William Regal sees this and puts a stop to the tension before a fight breaks out. Regal says that Ciampa has been ignoring his calls all week long and demanded that he speak to him in his office. Ciampa leaves with Regal, but it appears that the champion will face Otis Dozovic on NXT in the very near future.
  All four of The Undisputed Era members are gathered backstage and talk for a bit about The War Raiders. Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly claim that they don’t need to hide from Hanson & Rowe and will face them soon enough. Adam Cole then brings up the champion vs. champion match between Ricochet and Pete Dunne that will be taking place next week. Cole informed the audience that the winner of that match was irrelevant because whoever does win that match will have to deal with Cole right afterwards.
Lars Sullivan vs. Raul Mendoza –
  As one might expect, this was quite the pairing as the monstrous and freakish Lars Sullivan took on NXT Superstar and Cruiserweight Classic competitor Raul Mendoza. Sullivan towered over his opponent and was much bigger than he was as well. Mendoza put up a good fight against Lars, but the outcome was truly never in doubt.
  Mendoza did start off the match by dodging a few shots that Lars tried throwing his way. He landed a few kicks on NXT’s monster before missing a springboard kick. Unfortunately for Mendoza, he was never quite able to regain the momentum that he had early on in this match. Sullivan was able to lift up Mendoza and throw him across the ring before going after him with some huge blows. Lars Sullivan had Raul in the corner, but Mendoza moved out of the way in time and sent Sullivan crashing into the ring post.
  Now with a chance to get back in the match, Mendoza tried to hit a few more kicks to take down the big man, but it was no use. Sullivan caught Raul when the latter went for another springboard maneuver, and he powerslammed him down to the ring canvas. Lars Sullivan then toyed around with Mendoza for a bit before hitting the Freak Accident to score a victory.
Winner: Lars Sullivan
  In order to settle the differences between Pete Dunne and Ricochet, they will be putting both titles on the line when they face each other next week in a title unification match. Pete Dunne was interviewed outside of Full Sail and was asked about facing the North American Champion. Dunne says that Ricochet’s five minute title reign doesn’t even compare to the fact that he is now the longest reigning champion in WWE at the moment. “The Bruiserweight” promises to make room for an additional title to carry in his mouth on the way to the ring when he wins Ricochet’s title.
  Ricochet was interviewed up next and was given the chance to respond to Pete Dunne. Ricochet reminds Dunne that he has been North American Champion for about a month now and that the title unification match puts him in a high-pressure situations. However, Ricochet says that he has been placed in those high-pressure constantly throughout his 15 year career. Soon enough, Ricochet says that Dunne will have to face “The One and Only” dual champion in WWE.
  A brief video package for The Forgotten Sons (who already debuted and won a match on NXT last week) showing Steve Cutler, Jaxson Ryker, and Wesley Blake meeting in a junkyard was aired. The trio promised that they are NXT Superstars now and that they will not be forgotten about ever again.
  Some of the students of Full Sail University were speaking with an NXT cameraman when Dakota Kai was seen arguing with Aliyah and Lacey Evans in the hallway. Deonna Purrazzo comes in offers to help Kai teach a lesson to Evans and Aliyah right then and there. The other two ladies think better of it and decide not to fight Purrazzo or Kai right now.
  Kairi Sane was shown in William Regal’s office being dismissed by General Manager. Such a shame. Aleister Black and Kairi Sane could have had some fun matches together. Anyway, Kassius Ohno immediately comes in and is visibly upset that Regal hasn’t been keeping up with him and didn’t even consider him to be a suspect in the Aleister Black attack. Ohno again mentioned that he was a hot free agent when he came back to NXT in 2017 but immediately was sent to the back of the line. Ohno asked if he had to buy a Takeover ticket and mug for the camera in order to get some recognition. Regal assured Ohno that he is a priority to him, but Kassius did not buy it. Before Kassius left, he promised to defeat the next big star who sets foot in NXT, “bro.” So it appears that new NXT signee will be facing Kassius Ohno on NXT pretty soon.
Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair –
  When a fan-favorite such as Nikki Cross goes head to head with someone with as much potential as Bianca Belair, it has got all of the necessary components for a great match. Cross comes in and is the dominant wrestler at first. Cross was able to dodge every move that Bianca threw at her and startle the 2017 Mae Young Classic standout with a wicked scream.
  Belair got the chance to show off a bit of what she is capable of, which is some impressive power moves that not a whole lot of women in NXT can pull off. Cross then hit a hurricanrana before trying to put a sleeper hold on Bianca. Belair was able to fight out, slam Nikki down, and almost put her away until Cross was able to kick out at two. Cross tried to throw herself onto Belair, but Bianca was able to counter that and then lift Cross high into the air with both arms before sending her plummeting down towards the ring canvas.
  Bianca thought she had the match won, but Cross was eventually able to get back into the action and giver her some boots. Cross then goes up the the top of one of the ring posts in the corner and was able to successfully able to execute a splash, but Belair continued to fight and rolled out of the ring and onto the apron for a moment in order to recover and fight another day.
   Nikki followed Bianca out on the ring apron and tried to trap her under the ring banner.before dishing out some serious shots. Cross was thrown into the nearby ring steps, then, Belair grabbed hold of the long braid that she has been sporting and began to use it as a weapon. Bianca whipped Cross, but the referee did not call for the bell. Instead, she began to count to ten as both women continued to remain outside of the ring and did not try to beat the ten-count.
  Cross charged after Bianca Belair, hoped onto her back and shoulders and locked in the sleeper hold while refusing to let go. Belair tried and tried to get out of the submission attempt, and she was successfully able to do so by falling down onto the steel ramp. The impact did damage to both women, but that did not stop the referee from enforcing the rules and continuing to count. With both competitors outside of the ring, this unfortunately led to this match being ruled as a double count-out.
Winner: Double Count Out
  Now that the bout was over, these two had no more restrictions and were free to fight wherever and however they chose. They began to brawl outside of the ring as several officials attempted to break them up. Cross and Belair were constantly able to escape the clutches of the referees and resume fighting. They eventually made their way over towards the announcer’s table. Cross was sent over the announce desk by Belair before the latter finally gave in to the demands of the referees and tried to leave. Before exiting, Cross stood on top of the announcer’s table and leapt onto Belair to conclude this week’s episode.
  The feud between Cross and Belair does not appear to be over just yet, and it is likely only a matter of time before they have a rematch with a decisive winner being determined next time. Meanwhile, the NXT Champion does not have a challenger, Matt Riddle is still on his way over to NXT, and no one knows who attacked Aleister Black just yet. What is known is that either Ricochet or Pete Dunne will leave Full Sail with two championships next week when they take part in a title unification match. The two of them will likely do whatever it takes to become the champion of the United Kingdom and North America, and that takes place on NXT next Wednesday night. I’ll see you NXT time!

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