WWE News: AOP Update, Another House Show Cancelled, Sami Zayn/AEW

— John Pollock of POST Wrestling notes that Akam of the AOP has been cleared to return to the ring after being sidelined for much of 2019 due to a knee injury. The AOP has actually been scheduled to return for a few weeks now but are awaiting a new program/storyline to re-introduce them back on TV.

— WWE appears to have cancelled yet another Monday house show, this time the one on June 17 in Palm Springs, CA. The event is no longer listed on’s live events page or the venue’s official online site. This house show would have ran against Raw and the Wild Card rule would likely have had a significant impact on WWE’s decision to pull the plug on this event – since the talent roster would be depleted and attendance would already have been weak on a Monday night at the same time Raw is on.

— The Sami Zayn AEW line on last Monday’s Raw has now been confirmed to be scripted. WWE is actually keeping the reference in their replays and much of the confusion about whether it was a shoot or a work was because the company actually lied to a lot of their employees in order to make it seem like Zayn went off script. WWE TV is actually on delay by a few seconds so if the comment was something the company didn’t want on the air, they would have easily censored it out given the short delay.

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