WWE House Show Results (5/16/14) – Torino, Italy

Thanks to reader Ciaran Smith for sending this in!

I went to my first WWE event last night which was the European tour at the
Palaolimpico in Turin. Here are the results;

Tony Chimel was ring announcing and the referees were Rod Zapata and Ryan

Cesaro (without Paul Heyman) defeated Dolph Ziggler.

Jinder Mahal defeated Brodus Clay who was playing face for this match. He was
back to being the Funkasaurus with the entrance music etc. It was good to see
Jinder Mahal get a rare win though.

Aksana defeated Alicia Fox who then went on a rampage like she has the last
week on television. Chimel took the abuse and was thrown around the ring a
bit. Alicia took the bell, announced herself as the winner then left.

I can’t remember at what point this match took place but Sami Zayn defeated
Damien Sandow. Sandow tried getting on the mic during the match but Zayn
stopped him.

The Usos retained the tag team championship against Cody Rhodes and Goldust
and Luke Harper and Eric Rowan in a triple threat tag team match. Harper and
Rowan came out whistling “He’s got the whole world in his hands” instead of
their usual entrance music.

Chimel called for a quick break.

Los Matadores and El Torito defeated 3MB (Slater, McIntyre, Hornswoggle)when
El Torito got the pin on Slater. It was a comical match as usual.

Sheamus retained the US championship against Alberto Del Rio.

The Main Event was between Bray Wyatt and John Cena. The ref got knocked out
and the Wyatts interfered but Cena fought them off. He hit a second AA for
the win.

Chimel thanked everyone for coming etc.

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