WWE House Show Results (2/15/14) – Phoenix, AZ

Thanks to reader Mark Saw for sending this in!

WWE House Show
US Airways Center
Phoenix AZ

-First time I remember going into USAC through metal detectors…
-No CM Punk merchandise for sale
-Pre show videos aired of last weeks RAW and several WWE Network ads
-Got to vote for either a dance-off or match between Fandango and Kofi
Kingston for later in the evening.
-Most of upper level empty, probably 7000-8000 people there

-Show starts with a brief vignette by the New Age Outlaws on the monitors

-Phoenix native Justin Roberts welcomes us to our night:

*Intercontinental Title Match-Big E (Langston) (c) Vs. Ryback*
-No “Langston” announced in name, but still in intro video.
-A few Goldberg chants, both guys play up to the crowd, Big E wins via
pinfall with the Big Ending

*Divas Tag Team Match*
-Scottsdale AZ’s own Bella Twins Vs. Tamina Snuka and Summer Rae
-Big pop for the girls making their way out.
-Do a funny bit when 2 of them roll over back and forth on top of the ref
laying on the mat and the ref raises
his arms up as the winner heh
-Bellas win of course via pinfall

*Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match-New Age Outlaws (c) Vs. The USO’s Vs. The
Real Americans*
-Originally was advertised as including The Rhodes Brothers in a Fatal Four
Way Match but I’m guessing Cody’s
cage crash 2 weeks ago has him injured.
-Some “We The People” chants and some for the NAO and The USOSs
-Billy Gunn pins someone after something to win via pinfall for his team to

*Alberto Del Rio vignette”
-Alberto comes on the monitors saying how’s he’s gonna whip Batista tonight

*Fan’s Choice Match-Fandango (W/Summer Rae) Vs. Kofi Kingston-Dance Off or
-Match wins 51%-49%, Kofi wins via pinfall

*6 Man Tag Team Match-Christian, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan Vs. The Shield”
-Bryan was originally advertised to go against “Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt
-Lots of “YES!” chants of course, Shield enters through the crowd. Bryan wins
it for his team
after pinfall on Seth Rollins I think.

-After the match, Kane makes his way out to confront Bryan for attacking him
on RAW last week
demanding an apology. Bryan refuses, and whoops on Kane.


*Dolph Ziggler Vs. Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper and Erik Rowan)*
-Another hometown guy Dolph from Phoenix gets pop
-Bray ends up winning via pinfal lwith Sister Abigail

*Alberto Del Rio Vs. Batista (First match since May 23, 2010)*
-Unless I’m wrong, this is his first live match since lising an I Quit Match
against John Cena at PPV Over the Limit 2010.
He held his own, wins via DQ when Del Rio grabs something from ringside to
hit him with but Alberto
eventually gets a Batista Bomb.

*Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavywight Championship*
-Justin Roberts thanks us for coming and says WWE will be back soon but
doesn’t mention when.
-Orton demands to be introduced first.
-Orton wins by throwing Cena into the inside ref and then a low blow to Cena
to crawl out the door to retain.
-Orton gets on the mic and asks all the people heading towards the doors to
sit back down and give some
respect to him and as he’s leaving the cage Cena gets up, climbs the cage and
kicks the door into Orton’s
head and gives him an AA which Orton no sells and runs out of the ring. Cena
sends the fans home happy.

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