WWE Heat Report (11/04/07) Taped in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

WWE Heat Report-4th November 2007
By Shaun Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. My condolences go out to the family of the late Fabulous Moolah. Looks like the Wellness Policy is back in the spotlight with Chris Masters and D.H Smith in the news. I hope they get their respective issues sorted and come back healthy and well. Onto today’s show. We begin with……………………

Snitsky vs Greg Cardona
Snitsky stares a hole through Cardona. Snitsky quickly elbows free from a waistlock attempt. Snitsky hits a boot, punch, elbow combo in the corner. Snitsky Irish whips but Cardona gets his feet up on a charge. Snitsky catches Cardona jumping off the second rope, disposing of him with a throwaway slam. Snitsky stalks before hitting a corner clothesline. Snitsky gets his hands around Cardona’s throat and tosses him out of the corner. Snitsky applies a double underhook wrench. After some knees to the gut, Snitsky pushes Cardona off the ropes into a big boot. Snitsky finishes things with his pumphandle slam. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Snitsky needs a feud but with the current paper thin rosters he may not get one. I predict more squashes. Post match, Snitsky snarls over Cardona before leaving as Coachman builds him up.

Ron Simmons vs Jason Static
DAMN! Coachman speculates on potential ringrust for Simmons. NO MA’AM! Simmons backs Static to the corner who slaps the face. BAM! Simmons lands weak punches and a knee to the gut. JAM! Irish whip and clothesline by Simmons. WHAM! Simmons gets Static up who rakes the face. SHAM! Static charges into a powerslam. SLAM! 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: RON SIMMONS. Post match, Simmons gets on the mic……………….”DAMN”.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Super Crazy vs The Highlanders
The Slam of the Week recaps the Highlanders beating Team Ho/Si on last week’s Heat. Here comes the rematch. Like last week the Highlanders interrupt a dualling Ho/Si shoutout. Crazy gets a hammerlock on Rory who manages to reverse a second one. Crazy uses a jumping snapmare takedown to escape. Crazy gets backdropped onto the apron. Crazy hooks Rory’s arm and brings himself back in while armdragging Rory in the process. Crazy lands a second armdrag leading to him and Hacksaw working over Rory’s arm for a bit with several shots. Crazy delivers a snapmare and brief rear naked choke. Rory thwarts a backbodydrop with a headbutt. Robbie gets in some shots and a slam before Crazy is the recipient of a double headbutt. Rory gets a nearfall then punches away on Crazy’s head. Robbie continues the assault, gets a nearfall then rams Crazy’s head into the corner. Robbie applies an armbar/chinlock combo, Crazy knees free, Robbie Irish whips then misses a charge. Hacksaw gets the tag, Hacksaw clotheslines Robbie twice, punches Rory off the apron, slams Robbie then nails his three pont stance clothesline. Rory breaks up the cover at two. Hacksaw goes to attack Rory but Robbie blindsides him before the Highlanders take it in turns to choke Hacksaw in the ropes then in the corner illegally behind the referee’s back. Robbie cuts off a Hacksaw fightback attempt, Rory drops an elbow, gets a nearfall then applies a rear naked choke. Hacksaw fights free but runs into a knee to the gut. Rory headbutts Hacksaw into the corner. Robbie punches on Hacksaw’s back before landing a dropkick off the ropes for a nearfall. Robbie brings the rear naked choke into play again, using the hair to keep the hold applied. As Hacksaw fights out, Robbie takes him to the corner. Rory takes over with a side headlock, Hacksaw sends Rory off the ropes and both men cancel each other out with shoulder tackles. Rory and Hacksaw (just) manage to tag out. Crazy takes out Robbie with a spinning heel kick, dropkick to the knee then the face with some forearms sandwiched in-between. Crazy nails a springboard moonsault from the top rope. 1-2-cover gets broken up as Hacksaw punches Rory to the outside. Rory yanks Hacksaw out as he Hoooos the crowd. Rory takes Hacksaw out with a headbutt. Back inside Crazy slams Robbie then goes to the top rope. Deja Vu anyone? Rory advances on the apron, Crazy kicks him off then misses with a moonsault attempt on Robbie. Robbie pushes Crazy down then covers 1-2-3. This was just as bad as last week’s match. The Highlanders and Hacksaw are terrible. Crazy takes the fall two straight weeks. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. Post match sees both Highlanders hug. If it was up to me I’d give up on the Highlanders and team Nunzio with Santino Marella in the new FBI to take up the Highlanders’ positions in feuding with Londrick on Raw. Marella’s new heel persona is over and Nunzio has worked with Londrick before, producing some good matchups. He’s getting wasted in ECW currently and deserves better. Just a thought.

Grisham tells us to get ready for a huge Raw this week before signing off and thanking us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: None.
Worst Match: Take your pick.
Show Verdict: Thumbs way down. A contender for worst Heat of the year. The first two matches were very quick and the rest of the show centred around tedious Raw recaps. That time would be better served in giving underutilised talents promo or squash match time to get them over. WWE needs new stars and that’s not a bad starting point. Hopefully Val Venis will be back next week. I’d like a week off from the Highlanders.

Have a good week and I’ll see you back here next weekend. Shaun. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to

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