WWE Heat Report (09/30/07) Taped in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WWE Heat Report-30th September 2007
By Shaun Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. Things are looking up for WWE with the pending return of Chris Jericho and upcoming debut for the new Hart Foundation by year’s end. I think it’s fair to say that all three brands would benefit from some fresh talent being brought in. Onto today’s show, four matches are on hand so let’s get to the action. We begin with……

Jillian Hall vs Mickie James
Jillian comes out ready to cut a promo then sing. Jillian says tonight is a very special night for all of us. According to Jillian anyone can come out and sing the national anthem night after night like Lilian Garcia but it takes a real superstar to sing an original hit like Jillian’s going to tonight. (As Lilian shakes her head) Jillian addresses everyone and introduces her latest hit ‘Hot Bread’. Thankfully Mickie’s entrance cuts Jillian off almost immediately to a big pop. Jillian gets the advantage with a wristlock and hair pull to ground Mickie. Mickie sweeps the legs for a one count. Jillian then follows suit before applying a hammerlock. Mickie snapmares, Jillian lands on her feet and poses so Mickie yanks her down from behind by the hair. Jillian reverses an Irish whip but charges into an elbow. Mickie comes out of the corner with a headscissors. Jillian to the corner, Mickie charges but Jillian counters a monkey flip by shoving Mickie down. Jillian knees Mickie in the head before pulling the hair then throwing Mickie down by the hair for a nearfall. Jillian gets Mickie up by the hair then sends her head into the corner. Jillian wins a boot exchange then throws Mickie to the mat and rips at the face before sitting on Mickie’s back and tugging the hair. Jillian keeps Mickie’s arms outstretched but Mickie manages to crawl and send Jillian into the middle turnbuckle to escape. Jillian applies a rear naked choke, Mickie backs her into the corner but Jillian re-applies the hold. Mickie uses elbows to the gut and a jawbreaker to escape. Mickie lifts both her feet to kick Jillian down. Mickie hits two clotheslines, a thesz press and a series of punches to the head. Mickie lands a back kick to the gut, snapmare and low dropkick to the face for a nearfall. Mickie measures Jillian who sends Mickie throat first into the middle rope. Mickie staggers into a back suplex. Jillian follows up with a handspring legdrop, 1-2-kickout. Jillian argues the count before driving Mickie backfirst into the corner. Jillian tugs at the hair while talking trash before backing up and pointing her finger at Mickie. Mickie counters a handspring backelbow by lifting her feet and driving them into Jillian’s back. Mickie goes to the second rope, catches an advancing Jillian and executes a tornado DDT. Mickie covers and despite being slow to count the referee registers the three count. Here is Your Winner: MICKIE JAMES. Not as good as their previous Heat bout but still a pretty good opener. Post match Mickie salutes the crowd as Coachman puts over both Divas. Coachman was quite impressed by Jillian. Perhaps Jillian will get fed to Candice Michelle tomorrow night on Raw as a result?

Super Crazy vs Nick Colucci
Grisham notes Nick Colucci is no relation to Heat producer Tom Carlucci in the worthless fact of the week. Both spell their names differently anyway Grish. Crazy gets the crowd going to start. Crazy begins with a waistlock takedown into a front facelock. Colucci eventually counters with an armwringer so Crazy quickly uses a single leg takedown to hook a single leg grapevine but Colucci gets to the ropes forcing a break. Crazy looks for a test of strength but Colucci boots the gut then Irish whips. Colucci lands a battering ram to the gut. Colucci Irish whips again but Crazy floats over a charge countering with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Crazy sweeps the leg, rolls Colucci back up into a snapmare but Colucci levels Crazy with a clothesline. Colucci lands weak punches and a boot to the head. Colucci boots Crazy into the corner where Colucci lands another punch then chokes Crazy with his hands. Crazy lands a kick, Colucci hits weak forearms with a head drive to the gut in-between before delivering a snapmare and chinlock. Crazy starts to punch free so Colucci switches to a side headlock. Crazy fights back with some forearms. Crazy hits two Irish whips quickly following up with corner clotheslines after each one. Crazy comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick to a big crowd pop. One standing moonsault later and it’s over. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SUPER CRAZY. Post match Crazy looks fired up and mad as he grabs his Mexican vest and leaves. The camera shows some fans dancing and having a good time to Crazy’s music. Colucci was terrible on offense. Maybe that’s what got Crazy mad?

Val Venis vs Silas Young
Coachman notes Val is back after a brief hiatus. In reality Val has been working a series of dark matches against Jay Bradley. Val chucks his towel but we don’t get to see its recipient. Val starts with a side headlock, shoulder tackle and another side headlock. Young puts one foot out onto the ring apron forcing a break. Young gets in, talks trash then slaps Val across the face. Young begs off before Val counters a second slap with a series of punches. Val lands two running kneelifts off the ropes then a side russian legsweep and mounted mat punches to the head. Young rolls out to the apron, Val advances, Young hangs Val’s arm up on the top rope. Young rolls back in, dropkicks Val then attacks the arm with several shots. Young winds up the arm then drops down to his knees bringing Val down with him. Young applies an armbar, Val gets up, Young knees the gut but runs into a clothesline. Val follows up with a backelbow, double axehandle sledge and twisting neckbreaker. Young gets up in the ropes, Val yanks him back by the trunks. Young blocks a half nelson slam, backelbowing Val’s bad arm to break free. Val catches Young’s lunge and hits the half nelson slam at the second attempt. Val goes up top and lands the Money Shot. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS. Good match and showing from both men. Post match Coachman speculates on a possible festive holiday season for Val who points to then salutes the crowd by thumping his chest on his way to the back.

Daivari vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Main Event time. New titantron for Daivari who’s looking to avenge his loss from the random flag match on Raw two weeks ago. Daivari kneels and prays to the ring mat upon entering. Hacksaw cuts off a Daivari persian promo to Daivari’s dismay. Hacksaw gets the crowd going with USA chants and Hooos. Lockup, Daivari lands boots and punches. Hacksaw comes back with two hiptosses and a slam. Daivari rolls out to the apron so Hacksaw hiptosses him back in. Hacksaw punches Daivari into a corner then Irish whips. Hacksaw misses a charge but puts the brakes on. From behind though Daivari dropkicks Hacksaw into the corner. Daivari goes to the second rope, kicks Hacksaw away before catching him with a flying clothesline for a nearfall. Daivari elbows the shoulder blade before applying an unconvincing chinlock. Hacksaw elbows free but runs into a sleeper. Daivari jumps onto Hacksaw’s back, Hacksaw staggers to the corner then the ropes before Daivari wears him down onto the mat. Hacksaw stays alive so Daivari switches to a front facelock. Both men exchange punches before Hacksaw blocks two head rams in the corner. Hacksaw elbows the gut, sends Daivari’s head into the turnbuckle then unloads with punches and an Irish whip. Daivari rebounds into a backbodydrop. Hacksaw pushes Daivari into the corner and mounts for a successful eight punch assault. Hacksaw Irish whips Daivari again who this time rebounds into a slam. Hacksaw finishes things with the three point stance clothesline with Daivari doing a 360 in the air. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Best match these two have had. Kept short but Daivari bumped his ass off for Hacksaw who looks to have convincingly won this little feud. Post match Hacksaw tosses and catches his 2×4.

Grisham shills for Triple H vs Vince McMahon tomorrow night on Raw before thanking us for watching as Heat fades to black. End of show.

Best Match: Jillian Hall vs Mickie James.
Worst Match: Super Crazy vs Nick Colucci.
Show Verdict: Thumbs up. Quite a good show. Heat mainstays Super Crazy and Val Venis deserve better and a push on Raw. Hopefully they’re not used as fodder for the returning wrestlers on Raw tomorrow night.

See you next week for Heat and a No Mercy preview. Shaun. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to

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