WWE Brand Split Update: Top Star On Each Brand, Plans For Titles, More

WWE is officially stating that answers to many key questions will be given over the next few weeks regarding the specifics of the new brand split and roster draft, which is expected to take place this summer.

As things stand right now, John Cena is slated to be the top singles star on the SmackDown brand, while Roman Reigns will be the top dog on RAW. It’s worth noting that with SmackDown going live every Tuesday night starting on July 19th, and with both shows airing on the same cable network in North America, it makes the split a bit more equal in terms of how each individual brand is perceived.

There is expected to be a “World Champion” for each brand, with RAW having a top singles world champion and SmackDown having a different one. The Intercontinental and United States titles are expected to be separated, with one belt belonging to RAW and the other to SmackDown. Plans are still being worked on regarding how the Women’s and Tag-Team titles will be handled.

In terms of exclusivity, some are pushing for a “hard brand split,” where talent only appears on the show they are drafted to, while others are campaigning for a “soft brand split,” where talent would be allowed to appear on both shows.

As far as the writing end goes, Vince McMahon and Triple H will still head up the WWE creative, but head writers Ed Koskey and Ryan Ward are expected to pick up some more responsibilities, giving both writing teams more control.

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