WWE 205 Live Results (8/27): Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The August 27th, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at the Raising Cane’s River Center in Baton Rouge, LA.

Recap of last week’s Captain’s Challenge tag team match between Team Oney Lorcan and Team Drew Gulak. The bout, which lasted the full duration of the show, saw the debut 205 Live debut of Angel Garza, and the second appearance of Isaiah “Swerve” Scott. Lorcan’s team would pick up the win after his teammate, Humbert Carrillo, pinned Garza for the final elimination.

Cut to a video from earlier in the day. General manager Drake Maverick congratulates Oney Lorcan and Humberto Carrillo on their victory. Lorcan says he wants to face Drew Gulak again. Maverick responds by putting Carrillo and Lorcan in a number one contender’s matchup in tonight’s main event. Carrillo and Lorcan shake hands.

205 Live song intro.

Tom Phillips, Aiden English, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another episode of 205 Live. Phillips says that Vic Joseph is at the NXT UK Performance Center preparing for this Saturday’s Takeover Cardiff.

The Lucha House Party comes out. Kalisto will be competing in our opening contest, with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado accompanying him to the ring. He’ll be facing Ariya Daivari…who is out second.

Ariya Daivari versus Kalisto

Both men go to tie-up but Kalisto shows off his speed and rolls out of the way. Daivari with a headlock. Kalisto bounces him off the ropes…shoulder block sends Kalisto to the mat. Daivari plays to the crowd by lounging in the corner. Reset. Waistlock by Kalisto…he switches to a headlock. Daivari sends him off the ropes…sunset flip from Kalisto…two count. Kalisto climbs…corkscrew arm-drag sends Daivari to ringside. Suicide dive from Kalisto connects. “Lucha” chants! Back in the ring…Kalisto charges…Daivari drops him to the apron, then rips out his leg. Kalisto hits the apron and the arena floor hard. He goes to climb back in but Daivari nails a running dropkick and Kalisto gets sent into the barricade. Daivari in pursuit…he whips him into the steel steps. Daivari goes for a pinfalll back inside…only two. Another headlock. Kalisto gets to his feet and breaks the hold…Daivari catches him with a stun-gun and reverse DDT for a nearfall.

Big forearm into the back of Kalisto. Another. He tries a third but Kalisto answers with an elbow. Flurry of strikes from Kalisto…he comes off the ropes…Daivari with a superkick to the leg, followed by a lariat. Cover…Kalisto kicks out again. Daivari traps Kalisto again, this time with a modified clutch hold. Jawbreaker from Kalisto…Daivari responds with a big spinebuster. Right back to Kalisto’s neck. Kalisto begins mounting a comeback…rope walking arm-drag. He comes off the ropes…frankensteiner for two. He goes for the Salida del sol…Daivari rolls to the apron. He surprises Kalisto with an elbow and brings him to the apron. Suplex attempt from Daivari…Kalisto blocks it…frankensteiner to the outside! Both men are down. Kalisto clutches at his knee. Referee’s count is getting close…they just beat it. Kalisto climbs…450 connects. Cover…Kalisto pulls Daivari’s legs too hard and they touch the ropes! Kalisto goes for the Salida del sol again…Daivari tears at the mask! He ties Kalisto up…hammerlock lariat. It’s over.

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

Post match, Daivari continues to assault Kalisto. Metalik and Dorado run in to help. Daivari dumps Metalik to the apron…Dorado charges him but Daivari stops him in his tracks. He yells to Dorado that he doesn’t need Metalik and Kalisto, and offers him a chance to join him. Daivari then leaves, with Metalik and Dorado helping Kalisto. Lucha House Party converse with each other ending the segment.

A clip of Oney Lorcan eliminating Tony Nese from last week’s Captain’s Challenge is played. Backstage Tony Nese is interviewed. He’s asked about teaming with nemesis Drew Gulak. Nese says he’ll do whatever it takes to win back the cruiserweight championship, but adds that he may need to change the way things are done. “Clearly, being the premiere athlete is not working out,” says Nese, who then walks away.

Preview for NXT UK Takeover Cardiff, which is this Saturday. A commercial for WWE shop plays next.

Cut to the Singh Brothers. They say that their return to 205 Live has not gone as well as they’d hoped. They plan on watching as much footage available to them, and promise to become the greatest 205 Live tag team in the division’s history.

Main event time. Oney Lorcan is out first. Humberto Carrillo is out second. Here we go.

Humberto Carrillo versus Oney Lorcan

They shake hands. Tie-up. Lorcan forces Carrillo into the corner…referee separates them. Reset. Second tie-up. Lorcan with a headlock. Pace picks up…Lorcan with an early half-and-half attempt…Carrillo has it scouted. Nice sequence of chain-wrestling ends in stalemate and staredown. Each man takes a moment to catch his breath. Another quick sequence of counters and pinfall attempts. Crowd gives them a nice ovation. Lorcan slows the action down with a wristlock. Carrillo cartwheels out and reverses the pressure. Carrillo bounces off the ropes…Lorcan catches him with a knee to the gut. To the corner…Lorcan smashes Carrillo off the turnbuckle, then stars lighting up his chest with chops. Gordbuster for a nearfall. Waislock by Lorcan. Carrillo breaks free and goes for a handspring maneuver but Lorcan nails him with a jumping uppercut. He picks up Carrillo for a suplex, then drops him on top of the ropes. Lorcan now targets the midsection with a bodyscissor. He transitions into a rear-naked choke. Carrillo turns it into a pinning attempt, but gets hit with another knee. Lorcan in control.

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Lorcan applies another waistlock. Carrillo trying to fight out…he gets to his feet…elbows break the hold. Lorcan makes him pay with a clubbing blow to the back. Another half-and-half attempt but Carrillo blocks it. He falls behind Lorcan and lands an elbow. Lorcan charges…Carrillo gets the boots up. Snapmare and basement dropkick in succession. Standing moonsault with pin…Lorcan gets a shoulder up. Springboard headbutt from Carrillo sends Lorcan to the outside. Carrillo off the ropes…tope con hilo. Back in the ring Lorcan retakes control with another uppercut. Leaping elbow from Lorcan but Carrillo gets his boots up. A handspring Japanese arm-drag (thanks Nigel) nearly wins the match for Carrillo. Lorcan is down…Carrillo climbs…moonsault but Lorcan gets his feet up! Running corner elbow from Lorcan. A second. Carrillo dumps him to the apron on the third. Now they’re both on the apron…uppercut by Lorcan. Carrillo answers with a big boot. Carrillo climbs…missile dropkick! Twisting tope con hilo connects! Carrillo sends Lorcan back inside. He sets him up and climbs…Lorcan pops up and uppercuts him. Both men are down.

Another half-and-half attempt but Carrillo dodges. Powerbomb from Carrillo with pin…Lorcan JUST gets a shoulder up. Back and forth striking in the center…more uppercuts from Lorcan…Carrillo fires back with a twisting roundhouse. Single-leg dropkick sends Carrillo to ringside. Lorcan fakes a suicide dive and hits the half-and-half to Carrillo on the outside. Lorcan breaks the count, then climbs to the top with Carrillo on the outside…jumping senton! Lorcan brings Carrillo back in…he goes back to the top…cannonball to a standing Carrillo, who kicks out at two. Lorcan puts Carrillo on the top for a super half-and-half…Carrillo shoves him off but Lorcan gets back up and goes for a superplex…Carrillo picks him up and drops him. Corkscrew moonsault…got em!

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall and is the new number one contender

Carrillo celebrates. Commentary reminds us that his last pinfall loss was against Lorcan, so he’s exercised that demon. Cruiserweight champion Drew Gulak appears on the titantron. He congratulates Carrillo for earning his title opportunity, stating that his teachings were a big reason why. “I am not the same teacher I used to be Carrillo. I’m going to teach you about pain and punishment. If change is the rule…I…AM…THE…LAW.” Carrillo waves Gulak off and continues to celebrate.

That’s the show friends.

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