WWE 205 Live Results (4/23): Lincoln, Nebraska

The April 23, 2019 edition of 205 Live took place at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Show opens with Drew Gulak addressing the WWE Universe. He says that these are crazy times in the 205 Live division. He informs us that Ariya Daivari will take on Oney Lorcan to determine a new #1 contender for the cruiserweight championship. Gulak then announces that he will teach Humberto Carrillo a lesson for refusing to learn his teachings. “When you step to me…YOU WILL TAP OUT.”

205 Live intro.

Vic Joseph and Aiden English welcome us to another edition of 205 Live. They say that Nigel McGuinness is in the U.K. at the WWE PC. He will be replaced tonight by David Otunga! Otugna says he’s excited to return to commentary and join the 205 Live team.

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Drew Gulak makes his way to the ring for our opening bout. Promo from Jack Gallagher from earlier in the day is played. He reveals that he headbutted Drew Gulak in the face because he suspected that Gulak never cared for his ambitions, confirming so when Gulak cost him his matchup against Carrillo. He threatens Gulak, stating that he will make him suffer for not showing him respect.

Humberto Carrillo is out second.

Drew Gulak versus Humberto Carrillo

Tie-up. Gulak with a quick takedown. Carrillo fleas to the corner while Gulak taunts him Second exchange Gulak wins with a roll-up. Carrillo kicks out, but Gulak taunts him yet again. Carrillo displays some great ground wrestling and ties Gulak up in several pin attempts. They grapple again…Gulak forces Carrillo to the ropes then lands the first strikes with a punch to the gut. Carrillo responds with a headscissor takedown. He shows off his athleticism by walking the ropes and hitting an arm-drag that sends Gulak to ringside. Carrillo gets to the top…Gulak yells at him to get down…Carrillo refuses. He kicks Gulak in the head, bounces off the top to the other side of the ring, and lands a springboard enziguri. Handspring arm-drag from Carrillo before locking in a headlock. Carrillo goes for another springboard maneuver but Gulak pulls out his leg dropping him on the ropes. Gulak is now in control.

Gulak targets Carrillo’s left hand with some joint-manipulation. Carrillo fires off some right hands but Gulak slows him down with an impressive application of a leg-lock. He switches over to a headlock. Carrillo to his feet…Gulak slams him back down to the mat. Modified butterfly lock applied by Gulak. He lets go and goes for the cover…Carrillo escapes. Headlock back on. Back suplex from Gulak but Carrillo lands on his feet. Irish-Whip by Carrillo…snapmare and dropkick in succession. Carrillo hits a standing moonsault with cover…Gulak gets a shoulder up. Handspring back elbow from Carrillo. He climbs…and connects with a top rope reverse elbow. Carrillo goes for a suplex…Gulak blocks it…big right hand…Gulak goes for the Gu-Lock Carrillo escapes. Gutbuster nearly wins it for Gulak but he wasn’t able to turn Carrillo quick enough. Both men are down.

Carrillo lands a forearm. He charges Gulak in the corner but gets dumped to the apron. Head kick by Carrillo. He climbs…missile dropkick! Another pin attempt…Gulak kicks out again. They trade strikes in the center of the ring…Carrillo wins the exchange with a kick to the head. Gulak catches Carrillo with an ankle lock right in the center…Carrillo in trouble…He gets to the ropes! More strikes from both men..big headbutt by Gulak. He puts Carrillo on the top rope and goes for a superplex…Carrillo slaps him to the mat. Sunset powerbomb…Carrillo with a fancy split-legged moonsault…got em.

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

Backstage Oney Lorcan cuts a promo. He says that he’s been training, competing, and making sacrifices for over a decade…all to become a champion in the WWE. He calls out Ariya Daivari as the man who is stopping him from achieving that goal.

Elsewhere Daivari cuts a promo of his own. He says that once he started focusing on himself…he’s been untouchable, and reminds the WWE Universe that he’s been undefeated in 2019. “Nobody is gonna keep me from becoming the next cruiserweight champion,” growls Daivari.

Main event is next. Commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, where NXT champion Johnny Gargano goes one-on-one with the Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong.

Back from break, General Manager Drake Maverick is talking with Mike and Maria Kanellis. He says that Maria’s interference last week was totally uncalled for. Brian Kendrick rolls up and blames Maria’s distraction for costing his friend Akira Tozawa a title opportunity. Kanellis taunts Kendrick…to which Kendrick responds…”This was all just a distraction anyway. Tozawa attacks Kanellis out of nowhere! Referees and security have to pull him back! That gives Kanellis an opportunity to land a right hand! Drake Maverick pulls back Kanellis as the segment ends.

Ariya Daivari is out first…Oney Lorcan second. The champ Tony Nese makes his way to the commentary table to scout out his next potential opponent. Here we go…

Oney Lorcan versus Ariya Daivari #1 contender’s matchup

Tie-up. The intense grapple ends in a stalemate with the referee breaking them apart. Second tie-up. Lorcan with a hammerlock, but Daivari reverses the pressure. He goes for the hammerlock lariat early…Lorcan ducks. Another tie-up and again Daivari goes for the lariat…Lorcan ducks again and goes for the half-and-half…Daivari escapes and slides to the outside to regroup. Lorcan applies a headlock…Daivari bounces him off the ropes and lands an elbow to the back. Lorcan comes right back with another headlock…takedown…now he has it in deep. Daivari tries rolling Lorcan up…it doesn’t help. Big shoulder block by Lorcan, followed by a crossbody. Daivari gets right back up hitting a kick and a chop back-to-back. Lorcan responds with a series of atomic drops. The third one sends Daivari to ringside. Lorcan with a suicide dive attempt…Daivari meets him at the ropes with a right hand!

Back in the ring…Daivari stomps Lorcan down before playing to the crowd. Chops to the chest. Lorcan absorbs the punishment and lands several chops of his own. Powerslam attempt…Daivari shifts his weight and turns it into a reverse DDT. Cover…Lorcan kicks out with ease. Lorcan fires back with a clothesline and a running elbow. He charges Daivari on the ropes but Daivari pulls down the rope and Lorcan crashes to the outside. Daivari in hot pursuit…he smashes Lorcan’s head off the commentary table right in front of Tony Nese. He tosses Lorcan back inside and continues to light up his chest with stiff chops. Irish-Whip reverses by Lorcan…Daivari pops over…cobra-clutch applied! He’s got in locked in right in the center…Lorcan falls to the mat…he tries to get to the ropes…Daivari pulls him back…Lorcan uses the turnbuckle to walk over for a pin attempt…Daivari kicks out. Suplex attempt from Daivari but Lorcan reverses it and lands a suplex of his own! Both men back to their feet…uppercuts by Lorcan. More chops. Single-leg dropkick from Lorcan sends Daivari to the arena floor. Lorcan with a springboard maneuver!

Back in the ring he goes for the half-and-half but Daivari blocks it…middle-rope axe handle from Daivari…Lorcan surprises him with an uppercut! Running blockbuster! Pin…Daivari kicked out! He goes for the half-and-half again…blocked…superkick by Daivari! Cobra-clutch is on! Ref checks Lorcan’s arm…it stays up. He rallies to his feet. He slaps Daivari in the face! Again! Running uppercut! He places Daivari on the top for a half-and-half…Daivari fires off elbows that sends Lorcan to the mat. Daivari with a top rope splash but Lorcan moves! Running corner lariat by Lorcan! Another! He runs into a superkick! Daivari climbs again…frog splash! To his feet…hammerlock lariat! Daivari wins!

Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall to become the #1 contender

Daivari celebrates while Tony Nese applauds him on the outside. Nese offers him a post-match handshake. Daivari denies it and points at the cruiserweight title. “I want that.” Nese stares right back…”Why don’t you try and take it from me?” Nese holds the title high as Daivari walks off.

That’s the show friends.

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