WWE 205 Live Results (11/28): Jockeying for Position

Before the shows starts, we get a video footage recapping RAW General Manager Kurt Angle announcing the two Fatal 4 Way Matches will determine a new #1 contender, and Rich Swann winning the first one. It is announced that next week’s match is between the four guys who will face each other in tag-team action tonight. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali.
Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show, and tell us that in addition to the tag match, we are also getting Kalisto vs. Jack Gallagher tonight and that it is the one year anniversary of 205 Live on the Network.
Enzo Amore comes out with mic in hand and he is with Noam Dar. Enzo talks about The Zo Train and how he provides opportunities for others to have a crack at his title. Enzo says that he wants Dar to redeem himself for not winning in the Fatal 4 Way Match on last night’s Raw. Enzo says that he wants Dar to take out Rich Swann, so that he doesn’t get near his title. The Crowd didn’t react at all during this promo.

Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann: Dar immediately rolls to the outside to get some encouragement from Enzo. Enzo says that he wants Dar to make sure Swann is aware he’s a two-time Cruiserweight Champion. Swann gets the best of Dar in the first exchange and Dar heads to the outside again. Dar attempts to get back in the ring and gets booted to the floor. Swann hits a senton to Dar off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Swann kicks out Dar’s knee, then hits a running splash. 
Swann heads up to the top rope, but gets distracted by Enzo. Dar kicks Swann’s leg out from under him, and goes for two pins, but both are two counts. Dar hits a variation of a surfboard submission. Swann gets out of the submission and jumps all over him. Swann attempts to hit a spinning kick, but Dar catches him with a clothesline to the back of the head and goes for a pin, but only a two count. Dar tries to work out Swann’s knee some more and Enzo yells “What are you? Big Cass?” Swann catches Dar and hits the phoenix splash to him for the win. Winner: Rich Swann
After the match, Enzo yells at Dar and tells him that The Zo Train are only for winners and he threatens Dar that he will be kicked off The Zo Train. Dar asks for another shot and Enzo says there might not be another shot.
We head backstage where Dasha Fuentes is interviewing Kalisto and she asks Kalisto about his mindset after losing the title to Enzo. Kalisto says that it’s torture and he has been knocked down, but he is going to fight his way back into the title picture, starting tonight against Jack Gallagher.

Jack Gallagher (with The Brian Kendrick) vs. Kalisto: First exchange and we go to the ropes right away. Gallagher shoves Kalisto’s face, and Kalisto shoves back. Back and forth mat wrestling to kick things off. Kalisto uses his speed to hit some punches and kicks that sends Gallagher to the apron. Gallagher is able to slip under Kalisto and throws him back on the mat. Gallagher locks in a neck submission and continues to keep Kalisto grounded. Gallagher goes for a pin, but only a two count. Gallagher locks in a straight jacket submission in the middle of the ring to Kalisto, but Kalisto is able to roll away. Gallagher goes for the running corner kick and misses, but lands on his feet. Kalisto goes for a roll-up, but only a two count. Kalisto hits a big kick and a hurricanrana that slams Gallagher’s face straight into the mat. Kalisto hits the Salida del Sol, but Kendrick comes in and kicks Kalisto to the head. The referee calls for the bell. Winner Via DQ: Kalisto
After the match, Kendrick continues to beat up Kalisto and Gallagher hits a head-butt to Kalisto and the duo heads up the ramp.
A video vignette highlighting Hideo Itami’s career is shown.

We head to the locker room where Swann, Alexander and Ali talk about Itami’s arrival. Cedric then says that he thinks that he will be the one facing Rich for the title shot, which Mustafa doesn’t appreciate. Alexander and Ali agree to worry about that Monday and take care of The Zo Train tonight.
Before the main event, the team of Drew Gulak and Tony Nese are out for some mic time. Amore tells them that he thinks Nese and Gulak should be called Team Powerpoint, because Tony is the power while Drew makes good points. Justice League references are next, as Nese is Aqua-man, Gulak is Batman and they vow to win tonight for their Superman, Enzo. Drew teases some slides, but is denied by their opponents’ entrances.
Drew Gulak & Tony Nese vs. Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali: Gulak and Alexander start the match. The Crowd starts a “Power Point” chant, which makes Gulak super mad and he tells the crowd to stop chanting. Alexander is in control of the opening moments of the match, but Gulak is able to drop him, and tags out. Nese immediately gets caught. Ali comes in off the top rope, but Alexander tags back in and stomps the elbow of Nese. Quick tag brings Ali back in, but Nese uses his power to slow down his opponent. Nese does his taunt, but gets booed. Ali hits an arm-drag and he looks to tag out, but Alexander wasn’t in his corner as he was yelling at Gulak.
Ali does tag out and barks at Alexander for not being in his corner. Gulak tries to take advantage, but initially is kept at bay by Alexander. As Alexander goes for his handspring kick, Nese stops that from the outside. Gulak hits a shot at Alexander and tags in Nese. Nese hits a leg-drop on Alexander and goes for a pin, but only a one count. Nese puts Alexander in a tree of woe and hits him with multiple knees to the stomach. Nese does his patented ab workout as he kicks away at Alexander.
Close battle between Gulak and Alexander as Gulak looks to tag out, but Nese runs off and pulls Ali away from his corner. Alexander looks to tag out, but Ali is not in his corner. Gulak kicks away at a worn down Alexander. He finally is able to tag out and Ali goes to work on Nese. Ali hits a pop-up drop kick and he sends Gulak down to the floor. Ali hits a facebuster and he looks for his partner, but nobody is there again. Ali heads up to the top rope, but Nese crotches him on the top rope. Alexander sneaks in, since he’s the legal man. Alexander has Nese up on his shoulders and hits a big crossbody splash. Gulak is able to break up the pin, but Ali tosses him out to the floor. Alexander takes out Gulak and Nese throws Ali straight into Alexander, who was on the apron. Nese rolls up Ali and gets the win. Winners: Drew Gulak and Tony Nese
After the match, Enzo is out to celebrate with his guys as Ali and Alexander yell at each other in the middle of the ring. Ali walks away unhappy as Alexander continues yelling at him to end the show.

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