Wrestler Predicts That Brock Lesnar Will "Crack", Kelly Kelly Tweets Dirty Laundry

— Given Brock Lesnar’s admitted distaste for WWE’s strenuous road schedule, there is skepticism on the accomplished grappler remaining content for the entire one year duration of his contract with the sports entertainment organization. One veteran wrestler who worked with Lesnar during his prior run with WWE doesn’t think that he will able to handle working for the promotion for an entire year.

The wrestler said to Pro Wrestling Torch editor Wade Keller on Monday night following Raw, “I give him four months before he cracks.”

Lesnar loathed the travel schedule so much that in 2003 he bought a private plane and hired a pilot to alleviate the stress of going through airports. Even with that and a seven-year contract for a $1 million downside guarantee, he ultimately gave notice that he would finish up at WrestleMania XX.

— Kelly Kelly suggested Friday night on Twitter that she broke up with her boyfriend, NHL player Sheldon Souray.

“Kharma is a ***** ..have a nice life,” she wrote following SmackDown. Kelly wrote “eww” minutes later after a Twitter user remarked that Souray should bring her to one of his hockey games.

Both messages have since been deleted. The WWE Diva then tweeted a quote from The Notebook suggesting the couple remains together.

Photos – Kelly Kelly with her boyfriend

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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