WL: Iran got Final 6 dreams out of German’s head. Russia advanced!

Iran beat and overtake Germany in the World League Pool B standings. As a result, Germany lost a chance to appear in Mar Del Plata for the Finals at the expense of Russia.

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Iran – Germany 3 – 0 (25-19, 25-18, 25-20)

Iran: Marouf 5, Davoodi 8, Mobasheri 6, Ghafour 15, Gholami 12, Mousavi 10, Zarif (L) and Mahmoudi, Mahdavi 1
Germany: Kampa 4, Kaliberda 9, Collin, Schops 11, Fromm 11, Bohme 11, M. Steuerwald (L) and Broshog 1, Hirsch 1, Westphal, P. Steuerwald    

From first point, the match promoted a wild celebration among local volleyball fans in Iran, thanks to the vigorous presentations of Iran’s team during the World League matches at home and away. By including young players in Iran’s team, Julio Velasco led his team to high level.

The match started with excitement as Iran boasted upper hand in the first set. Both teams were doing their best, as Iran 8-7 got the FTT. Iran then added scores by good spikes, and sound triple blocks advanced Iran’s points 10-7, when Germany’s head coach asked for time out. Iran continued heavy spikes, leading 13-9. Germany worked as a team to make the gap shorter. In STT, Iran team was leading by 3 points. Iran’s players were blowing hard spikes and perfect blocks. Iran committed some unwanted mistakes especially in dig and reception, making the score 20-19. But spikes of Iran made scores 22-19, Vital Heynen asked for another time out. Host team kept to his pressure by service and spike 25-19 got the set.

Set two also saw a good start for Iran. Their placement was good, the host’s spike and service was strong. Scores went to 4-1 for Iran. Head coach of guest team asked a time out. Iran was leading by 8-3 at the FTT. They kept lead and made scores 10-4, again German team called a time out, but Iran made scores 16-11, after STT both teams exchanged points by some errors. Iran had high control on the set and made points 20-16. From this point, Germany’s team fell behind and couldn’t narrow the point’s gap. It seemed that visitors have lost their fighting spirit and 25-18 gave the set to home team.

In the third set, Germany put more attention on weak spots of host team such as block and dig, tying the scores at 2, 3 and 4. Germany regrouped and got their rhythm back, as each player showed strong effort and they made scores 6-4 but all of these attempts did not change the course of play. Iran made scores tie at 6 then was leading by 8-7 in first technical time out. By block, serve and spike Iran enlarged the distance 16-13. Germany reacted strongly and tried to shorten the difference but this was host team by support of local fans made scores 25-20 and got the set to win the game.

Iran’s best player Amir Ghafour, who gained 15 points had notable role in success of his team by his sharp spikes and Mousavi, player number 6 with 9 points in spike was second player of Iran team. Iran’s Adel Gholami won 5 points in block and was the best player for Iran.

Christian Fromm of Germany scored 11 points to be the best player of for his team.

Germany’s loss brings a fresh breath to the Russians, who secure their second place spot in Pool B. Even with a potential comeback win on Saturday, Germany’s cannot surpass Russia’s points to take them out of their second place position, allowing Russia to move on to the FIVB World League Finals.

Team Stats:

ActionsIranGermanySpike points4244Spike %51%42%Block114Serve40Dig3922Reception27%17%Running Sets Note3.333Unforced Errors189


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