William Regal Reveals Neck Injury, Lance Storm Retiring Jericho?

William Regal has been involved in the wrestling business for decades now, and he is frequently touted as being one of the most underrated performers of his time. Regal has competed in numerous promotions over the course of his career, including WCW and WWE. He has also managed to win several championships, as well as WWE’s King of the Ring tournament in the past. William Regal’s success in the world sports entertainment came with a price though as the British grappler’s battles and demons have been well-documented. Fortunately, Regal continues to work for WWE today as a talent scout and a mentor for the developing wrestlers training in the WWE Performance Center right now.
Unfortunately, Regal recently came forward with some distressing news. Regal posted a tweet yesterday along with a photo of an X-Ray of his neck. The current General Manager of NXT’s photo shows all of the damage and the toll that wrestling has taken on his neck over the years. Regal uploaded the image and encouraged all young talent in the business today to work safer in the ring in order to avoid serious injuries like the ones that he is still dealing with. WWE officials and the medical team in the company work hard to ensure that performers are as safe as ever when it comes to in-ring work nowadays. The original tweet including the photo of Regal’s fractured neck can be viewed down below:

…This is my neck today. You may think you know what you’re doing or you don’t care or “ well this or that…”. I have 4 fused disks and trained my neck properly almost daily. It WILL happen if you keep this up and you don’t want to go through it!
— William Regal (@RealKingRegal) November 12, 2018

Chris Jericho has managed to reinvent himself once again this year. In fact, the former WWE world champion is experiencing incredible success right now with his run in New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as with his own wrestling-themed cruise, which ended a few weeks ago. Although Jericho does not seem to have any intention of retiring from wrestling, Lance Storm noted on Figure Four Weekly that he and Jericho made a pact several years ago to have each other’s final match. Storm and Jericho came up together in the business, but until that match takes place, Jericho is still wrestling for NJPW while Storm is finished with active competition and is now running his very own wrestling school in Calgary.
“I will reserve the right, if Jericho decides to honor the pact that we
sort of half-made with each other, that we will have a very last match
where we each wrestle each other so our beginning and ending matches of
our career are book-ended with each other. If he decides to do that I
will push through, get in the best shape that I can and do that one
match, but other than that I believe I am fully done.”
Storm said.

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