Why Daniels Hasn't Been Removed From The TNA Roster, Angelina Love Update

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Conspicuously, TNA still has yet to remove Christopher Daniels’ bio from its website even though it has been confirmed that he was released from his contract. The reason he has not yet been removed the website is because the company is currently trying to sign him to a new deal.

The key difference is that his former contract was a guaranteed money deal, which he signed a few years ago when he was pushed as one of the company’s top stars. They are now looking to sign him to a per-appearance deal.

There was a near-unanimously negative reaction within the company and among the top wrestlers to him being let go.

— Angelina Love, who suffered a partial biceps tear and complete ulnar collateral ligament tear during a match last week, will not be undergoing surgery. She is expected to return to the ring next month.

— Internally, there has been almost no talk of TNA’s new ReAction program, which debuted with no publicity as an announcement was made online just two days before its premiere.

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