What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

The following is compiled from several live reports sent in from readers who were at last night’s WWE Raw:

Pre-RAW Dark Matches:

— Charlie Haas pinned local wrestler Karl Wells with a small package.

— Jamie Noble pinned Tyrone Jones with a diving knee from the top rope

Live Notes

— When RAW went to commercial break during the segment with Chris Jericho and Lance Cade, Cade cut a promo saying if they didn’t get respect from the crowd, they would walk out. They started walking up the ramp but turned back around and made it back into the ring by the time RAW went back on the air.

— JBL was cutting a promo before his 6-man tag match but was cut off by his entrance music as RAW returned from commercial.

After RAW Went off the air:

— Kane returned to the ring and got a spear from Batista as JBL got an FU from John Cena. Batista headed to the back while Punk stayed down on the floor.
When Batista was gone, Punk slowly got to his feet and left. John Cena grabbed the mic and said he wasn’t going to apologize and since he had thrown the first punch, maybe it was time for the first ever Cena vs Batista match. (On a side note, that match is already booked for WWE’s upcoming Madison Square Garden house show on 8/23.)

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