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Outside's gear editors spend a lot of time sorting through, testing, and reviewing the latest and greatest gear. While we can stand behind any product featured on the website, it's interesting to see which reviews connect the most with our readers. That's why this month we're starting a new series to share the top products Outside readers bought last month. If so many of your fellow readers like these products, maybe you will, too. 

We're happy to see that so many readers are excited about our latest anthology. Published this month, the book features some of our favorite stories of the past 40 years. 

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We included this superabsorbent towel in our best backpacking gear on sale now article, noting that it can absorb up to eight times its weight in water.

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On super sale at REI, this bomb-proof duffel has proved to be a hot-ticket item. It's ready for your adventure travel with a durable exterior and several zippered interior sections.

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Legendary mountaineer Ueli Steck tragically passed away last April after suffering a fall on Nepal's 25,791-foot Nuptse. He had already finished his autobiography at the time of his death and it gives a chilling insight into the mindset of one the world's most prominent alpinists. Longtime Outside contributor Tim Neville, wrote a brief synopsis of the book which connected with many readers.

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Both our reader's and editors have been longtime favorites of Patagonia's burly Black Hole duffels and readers are clearly excited that the bomber material is now being used in a tote bag. We featured it in our 2017 Summer Buyer's Guide, noting that “sand, grit, and late-season snow couldn't penetrate its ripstop nylon shell.”

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Lots of readers became REI members last month, which always proves to be a good life choice. Aren't a member yet? It's $20 for a lifetime and you get 10 percentback on all full-price purchases. You make your $20 back fast and you can start building a bulky dividend. 

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Originally featured in our 2017 Summer Buyer's Guide, the Quarter Dome Air hammock is a full sleep system elevated off the ground. The hammock recently went on sale and readers were eager to scoop one up.

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