WATCH: Ronda Rousey Demands Becky Lynch Be Added To WrestleMania Main Event, Lays Down Women’s Title

In case you missed it, Becky Lynch crashed this week’s episode of WWE RAW by once again limping her way to the ring and assaulting “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, despite being in the midst of a 60-day suspension handed down by Mr. McMahon.

After The Man was carted off to jail by the Atlanta police department, a pissed off Rousey stormed the ring and demanded that Lynch be reinstated to the active roster to pay for her numerous attacks.

While the champ specifically called out Vince, her call was answered by the “Billion Dollar Princess” Stephanie McMahon, who reaffirmed that Lynch was suspended, and would remain suspended until after WrestleMania. Not only that, but The Man would be spending the night in jail.

After a scathing retort from Rousey, who accused Stephanie of disgracing the RAW Women’s Championship, she laid down her title in the middle of the ring and walked out.

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