WATCH: Matt Hardy Teasing the Long Awaited “Broken” Debut?

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WATCH: Matt Hardy Teasing the Long Awaited “Broken” Debut?

As seen on WWE Raw tonight, Matt Hardy and Elias brawled in the ring after Elias sang a song in front of the live crowd in Houston bragging about his win over Hardy at Survivor Series.

In the following WWE Raw Fallout video, WWE is teasing Hardy might be reaching his “breaking” point following the events on Raw tonight, and Hardy had the following to say to Mike Rome:

“Now is not the time to push Matt Hardy. If you continue to push me, I am going to reach my breaking point, and you’re going to see how dangerous, how reckless, how full Hardy, Matt Hardy can truly be”.

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As we noted over the weekend, Hardy recently filed a new trademark for the “Broken” name, and he is currently amidst a thirty day waiting period to see if the trademark is opposed by anyone. Should the thirty days expire without anyone objecting to the trademark, Hardy will be able to use the name as he pleases.

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