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People spend a lot of time staring at digital devices nowadays, but is the eyewear propped on your nose suitable for the frequent switch between the real world and the artificial glow of your phone screen?

On May 23, at WF Central in Beijing, Puyi Optical launched its new Zeiss SmartLife Lenses, which it claims is an advanced solution to this ever-growing issue.

The first of their kind, Zeiss SmartLife Lenses are designed to provide clear and precise vision at different distances and dimensions, supposedly offering comfortable, easy focus switching between digital and physical spaces.

The lenses also make use of age intelligence technology, applying it to respond to the needs of different age groups, covering changes in pupillary diameter and the ability to focus.

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Puyi Optical is the first retailer of the lenses, with six months’ premiere launch in the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

President and CEO of Zeiss Vision Care, Matthias Metz, believes that Puyi Optical and Zeiss share the same value-to always strive for the best vision care possible for their customers.

As a German manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurement and medical devices, Zeiss was founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 by optician Carl Zeiss. Innovation is always the goal-as Metz says, “to see beyond what is possible today and to see what is possible tomorrow.”

Puyi Optical was first established in Hong Kong in 2001. Even after expanding to 20 cities across China, with 80 stores in total, it claimed it has never changed its original intention-discovering and understanding the individual needs of each customer.

Jeffery Yau, the CEO of Puyi Optical, claims that the staff training never really ends, noting that they are constantly learning about new products and offerings to ensure that they can provide the best solution for every customer. At the same time, they are required to maintain long-term relationships with customers and be available when needed.

Talking about their target consumer group, both Yau and Metz agree that it’s the discerning customer who has strict requirements for their eyewear.

Metz adds that this very much applies to the Chinese market, which he notes is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly important on the world stage. Local consumers’ requirement for advanced vision care has, so far, ensured that demand warrants supply.

“Zeiss has a decade-long history in China, and I’m sure we will have a great future here,” says Metz.

The event also introduced the Zeiss Visufit 1000, the first Zeiss 3D optic positioning system in the mainland, which has just been rolled out to Puyi Optical WF Central store in Beijing.

The system creates a 180-degree view of the consumer’s face and their spectacle frames using nine cameras and 45 million data points. It enhances the expert consultation provided by the eye care professional by adding a digital component and customizing the shopping experience.

To continue with innovations, Zeiss teams up with a great number of universities and research institutes worldwide, and invests more than 10 percent of its annual turnover into research and development.

“If you accept inferior vision, then you’re missing out on so much in your life,” says Metz. “There’s no need for that to be the case anymore.”

The lenses will be launched globally by the end of this year.

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