Vince McMahon's Illegitimate Child: Lots Of New Details, Identity Revealed

Source: PWTorch Newsletter

Just when you thought the Mr. McMahon character would be taking an extended period of time away from WWE television – he’s back and at the center of a whole new controversy that will have him back on RAW for the next several months.

This past week on RAW, Jonathan Coachman informed Mr. McMahon that he has been served with a paternity suit alleging that he had “sired an illegitimate child”.

As previously reported, the paternity suit is scheduled to reveal Mr. Ken Kennedy (….. Kennedy) as Vince’s born-out-of-wedlock son. It is still unknown who will play the part of Kennedy’s mother.

The on-air revelation that Ken Kennedy is Vince McMahon’s son will lelad to a post-Summerslam feud between Mr. Kennedy and the The Game – Triple H. It is expected that Hunter will acknowledge on television for the first time that he is Vince’s real life son-in-law. The original post-SummerSlam plans to have Triple H feud with Randy Orton have been changed. Orton will likelly continue his feud with John Cena into the fall.

For those who don’t know, “Kennedy” is actually Vince McMahon’s middle name. Before Ken Kennedy was called up to WWE from the developmental system, it was Paul Heyman who told Ken to use McMahon’s middle name as part of his ring name as a way to endear himself to Vince. The “Kennedy” name connection will be addressed as part of the storyline.

The “illegitimate child” storyline is a direct response to RAW’s recent ratings erosion. RAW is in a major slump, drawing tis lowest viewership in close to a decade. Vince considers himself one of the biggest draws in WWE and feels that putting himself in the middle of a major “soap opera” storylines is the best thing to turn business around.


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