Viktor & Rolf to team up with H&M

Ladies, get ready to form an orderly queue. Viktor & Rolf, the Dutch fashion design duo are to launch a one-time collection with H&M. The range, for both men and women, is to be launched in stores this November. H&M said Viktor & Rolf are known for their ‘high concept fashion shows and modern twist on classically tailored clothes’. H&M’s fashion-forward customers will be in for a treat as the duo will no doubt translate their couture-like designs for an affordable price.

In a statement, Viktor & Rolf said: “If Haute couture is the most sublime form of fashion, H&M is fashion at its most democratic. Our roots are based in couture. It’s the heart and soul of our work. But we also love to play with opposites: transformation is a key element of our signature style. For us, fashion is an antidote to reality. It’s a great opportunity to communicate our vision with such a large audience of H&M devotee.”

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