Video: Brock Lesnar Says Goldberg Might Be Next, Says He's Not A "Superstar"

In an interview with WhatCulture to promote Sunday’s SummerSlam 2016, Brock Lesnar was asked about what’s next for him. Lesnar said he doesn’t know what the future holds, and that it very well could be fellow former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg.

“If Bill Goldberg has the balls to step into the ring with me, where you at? Where are you? Let’s go,” Lesnar said. “That’s all I gotta say.”

Lesnar, who currently works a part-time schedule with WWE, was also asked if he actually enjoys being a wrestler or not. Brock answered that he does enjoy getting in the ring and competing, but reinforced that he’s his own entity and not an ambassador for the company. He says Vince McMahon brought him back because Brock is the “real f*cking deal.”

“I don’t view myself as a pro wrestler, I view myself as an athlete,” Lesnar said. “I’m not a Superstar, I’m an ass-kicker.”

As far as other future opponents go, Lesnar says the only factors he takes into consideration are the pay and the schedule.

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