Updated List Of WWE Departures In 2009, Charlie Haas, Curt Hawkins, Jim Duggan

— Here is an updated list of WWE departures in 2009. So far this year, WWE has parted ways with a total of 20 wrestlers, not to mention 11 other notable employees.

Main Roster Departures
» Bam Neely
» Boogeyman
» D-Lo Brown
» Gavin Spears
» Hardcore Holly
» John Bradshaw Layfield
» Kizarny
» Manu
» Ron Simmons
» Ryan Braddock
» Scotty Goldman
» Tazz
» Tyson Tomko
» Val Venis
» Victoria

Developmental Departures
» Hade Vansen
» Kaleb O’Neal
» Kevin Thorn
» Mike Kruel
» Saylor James

Miscellaneous Departures
» Afa Anoa’i, Sr. (talent consultant)
» Freddie Prinze, Jr. (creative team writer)
» Jim Korderas (referee)
» John Carle (creative team writer)
» Kevin Keenan (referee)
» Matt Cappotelli (on company payroll)
» Mickie Henson (referee)
» Mike Posey (referee)
» Sgt. Slaughter (producer)
» “Superstar” Billy Graham (consultant)
» Tim White (producer)

The company also laid off 50 office employees or so at the start of the year in an overriding effort to reduce $20 million in operating expenses.

Regarding cuts in the near future, World Wrestling Entertainment will report their 2009 first quarter results two weeks from now with Vince McMahon hosting a conference call. A lot of jobs will likely be on the line based on the results of the report, so that should be the time to be on the lookout for the next possible wave of talent cuts.

It doesn’t look like the next earnings reports will be anything for WWE to crow about as pay-per-view buys — the company’s key revenue source — are at their worst levels in years. Two years ago following a lackluster earnings report, WWE soon parted ways with 9 wrestlers or so within a span of a few weeks including Scotty 2 Hotty, Too Cold Scorpio, Shelly Martinez, Mitch of the Spirit Squad, and the wrestler now known as Angelina Love in TNA Wrestling, Angel Williams. Will history repeat itself?

Not including the infamous December to Dismember pay-per-view, last year’s Armageddon event was the least watched WWE pay-per-view since the December 1996 In Your House pay-per-view headlined by “Psycho” Sid vs. Bret Hart. This year’s Royal Rumble drew its worst figure in 12 years, drawing an estimated 446,000 buys worldwide, with 268,000 of those coming from North America — down from 575,000 worldwide and 379,000 domestic last year (23% decline overall). The buyrate for February’s No Way Out pay-per-view was also subpar, drawing 164,000 domestic buys and 274,000 worldwide. Last year’s event drew 241,000 domestic buys and 365,000 worldwide, so this year’s show saw a 25% worldwide decline. However, the revenue will actually be worse than indicated as the show saw a 32% domestic decline — and pay-per-views cost much more in the United States and Canada compared to overseas.

— SmackDown Superstar Charlie Haas has relaunched his online supplement store, Among those pictured on the website include Torrie Wilson, John Bradshaw Layfield, Brock Lesnar, Jackie Haas and fitness model Marzia Prince.

— “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is advertised to appear at a Power and Glory Wrestling event in Straford, Connecticut on Friday, May 1st. Visit

To clarify his status in WWE, the company opted not to renew his contract last spring, so technically, he can’t be released. He is simply working on a pay-per-appearance deal, which allows him to work indy shows. According to the roster sheet that leaked online last month, he is now considered to be a “WWE Ambassador.” Ted DiBiase and Sgt. Slaughter were also listed as company ambassadors, although neither are under contract.

— Curt Hawkins is today’s “Superstar of the Day” on He is still on the SmackDown roster following last week’s Supplemental Draft, although his tag partner, Zack Ryder, was drafted to ECW, which may leave a sketchy future.

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