Triple H Updates Fans On His Health, Comments On His Recent WWE Promotion

Triple H participated in a radio interview two weeks ago promoting WWE’s Fan Appreciation Supershow in Hartford, Connecticut.

Regarding the injury that currently has him sidelined, he tore his biceps while filming a movie for WWE Studios. He said it was an old injury that was aggravated. He added that he is currently rehabilitating from the injury and that he has not been cleared to return to the wrestling ring.

In regards to his recent promotion with WWE, he jokingly said his official title is “Señor Advisor.” He said he works with the Spanish announce team and therefore is the “Señor Advisor.”

Commenting on his wife, Stephanie, he said he didn’t really get to know her until they participated in the storyline where they were married.

He concluded the interview by saying that he has shot two movies that will be released in the future.

The interview can be listened here. He also discusses Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign and his three daughters.

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