Traditional Chinese toys continue to captivate



Forget the latest digital gadgets – traditional Chinese toys continue to captivate.

PlayStations, Xboxes and iPads have occupied the spare time of many a child in recent decades.

Despite the digital revolution, however, traditional toys have proved to be everlasting entertainment for kids across the generations.

In China, those toys have always been connected with traditional culture.

For example, the Han Dynasty-invented lanterns symbolise the prosperity of a family in Chinese culture and represent festivity. Shadow puppetry was invented when Emperor Wu of Han summoned his officers to bring his beloved concubine back.

The humble kite was initially used as a tool for military communication. Rattle drums first appeared as musical instruments in the Warring States period. And for more than 2,000 years, the shuttlecock has retained its global popularity.

Who ever said that heritage was boring?

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