TMZ TV Covers Triple H's Haircut, Wade Barrett Profiled By

– WWE Superstar Wade Barrett returned to WWE television on Friday’s SmackDown after months away from the ring (due to injury) and weeks of ‘fight club’ vignette videos.

Here’s a snipped from a article touting the return of the Barrett Barrage:

“Barrett has always remains unchanged in his perpetual search for domination. As long as there is authority, Wade Barrett will be there to not only challenge it, but also uproot it and attempt to take its place. As long as this bare-knuckled Brit is on the prowl, the world of WWE is just a little less safe than it once was.

Following a partially dislocated elbow that kept him out of action for nearly seven months, a reinvigorated Barrett made his intense return to WWE. The English Superstar used his downtime to get back to basics and “reignite the flame” – presumably through participation in the sort of bare-knuckle boxing he took part in early in his past. Picking up a microphone, he served notice to the WWE Universe that he was “open for business.” Whatever that meant, it was sure to spell disaster for anyone who stepped in his way.”

– TMZ TV posted the following video covering Triple H’s new haircut.

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