The Top 25 WWE Matches of the Year – Number 25 (tied) Part 2

Hello again, Rajah faithful! For the past month the denizens of the Rajah Forums have been pooling their collective brainpower towards one goal: crowning the very best WWE match from the year 2017. This has not been an easy task. While 2017 didn’t have many matches that you could call all time classics, it still had an incredible amount of quality to go around, (and there ought to be with 85 hours of programming a week.)

So over the next few weeks we’ll be unveiling the countdown of the top 25 matches according to this venerable website, with write ups from the man who organized it, and former host of the Cewshcast, PsychoSoldier, as well as some guest write ups from other forum members.

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United Kingdom Championship Tournament Semi-Final
Mark Andrews vs. Pete Dunne
United Kingdom Championship Tournament Day 2 1/15

The dawning of the WWE United Kingdom division began one hell of a ride that ended up producing one of the greatest in-ring rivalries of the last decade, possibly all-time. But the United Kingdom Championship Tournament brought a roster of ready talent. One if its true stars came in the form of Mark Andrews. And with the help of the Bruiserweight, his breath-taking style earned him a spot on the list.

Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews had their first match together, so it’s an understatement to say both men are plenty familiar with each other. And it shows. While bringing new fans on a brand new journey, they expertly anticipate spots in order to create a devastating counter. Here you get to truly see Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews full abilties. where Pete Dunne is merciless and efficient, Mark Andrews is clever and creative. Dunne makes the most of every movement, expertly preparing for Andrews’ high-flying antics. Mandrews is effortlessly smooth and masters the air so well that he never actually feels like an underdog despite being the physically weaker of the two.

Perhaps most compelling about this match is Andrews being the first to truly take Dunne to his limit, and it makes sense. It’s hard to have an answer for Andrews’ frenetic offense when it seems he can twist any motion into favorable offense. He’s constantly flipping X-Plexes into hurricanranas and Bitter Ends into arm drags. Perhaps most stunning(pun intended) is the Stundog Millionaire counter out of the X-Plex. To Dunne’s credit, he does have an answer, and that’s unbridled brutality. His will to punish allows him great feats of strength to counter the counters of Mark Andrews. Never has an X-Plex to the apron looked more disgusting, or an elbow looked so crippling.

The engine keeps revving from beginning to end, accelerating to an unprecedented pace straight to the finish. The final moments leave the crowd unglued, but it’s near impossible to pinpoint the moment it got there, because after the first minute, it’s already the makings of something spectacular. Obviously, it was overshadowed by the instant classic that followed later that night, and the legend of Bate-Dunne 2017 put the spotlight elsewhere in the UK Division. But I think there’s no denying that this was the moment its potential was realized.

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