The future is virtually here

Immersion in another world will allow people to enjoy a universe of possibility, Li Yingxue reports. 

For Ted Schilowitz there is no looking back. The past is another country and the only borders he is worried about are those of the imagination. The futurist at Paramount Studios starts every day in the realms of virtual reality. No passports required.

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Schilowitz, from the United States, sees VR as the ability to immerse people into a new world where even smartphones will eventually be replaced.

“In the near future, mixed reality on WeChat may actually come true,” he says at the second edition of Sandbox Immersive Festival, in Qingdao, Shandong province, held from June 24 to 27.

SIF is a cross-media event that showcases immersive content from emerging talent and worldwide established studios.

This year’s event included official screenings, an immersive art exhibition, project pitches, an award ceremony and networking opportunities.

The official screening showcased 44 immersive projects involving six large-scale installations, 21 interactive experiences, nine VR films and eight 8K resolution VR films.

Besides producing VR films, young professionals in China also highlighted the possibilities of bringing VR technology into real life, including video games and helping to protect intangible cultural heritage.

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