The Epic Journey of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Cranky Vince Gone From Twitter

– Cranky Vince, a popular Twitter account parodying head chief Vince McMahon, is gone from Twitter. It disappeared Friday after having posted several messages mocking WWE’s partnership with Tout.

The account would spoof McMahon’s demeanor and mindset with random musings depicting the WWE Chairman as eccentric, maniacal and drug-addled. It had drawn alarming concern from organization officials since last year, who believed it was being controlled by an employee within proximity of McMahon due to the eerie nature of the tweets. The account would often post messages based on things he had legitimately done or said at work—sometimes moments after occurring.

– After making his first appearance inside a WWE ring since 2004 on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Rikishi is today’s featured Superstar on

– All September, WWE’s 2012 video release The Rock: The Epic Journey of Dwayne Johnson on pay-per-view. The following video preview has been released.

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