The Best Winter Hats for Kids


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You need three things to take your young kids skiing: a constant stream of hot chocolate, M&M’s for the lift ride, and a good hat to keep them warm. Because the fastest way to end an epic ski day with your family is to have a kid who’s complaining about being cold. So, to help keep you and your family on the hill longer, here are our favorite kid’s winter hats.

This beanie has a tight fit so it stays on while your kid windmills down the bunny slope. More importantly, it’s reversible, so you can flip it inside out when you find those mystery stains.

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The Powder Town is stretchy, and hella warm. My daughter likes the fact that it’s not itchy. I like the pom on top. Patagonia makes a boy’s version too.

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I’m typically not one for novelty hats because once your kid stops liking Pokemon, they’ll never wear that PicaChu hat again. But dude, it’s a little VW bus! Also, it’s lined completely with fleece for a comfy fit.

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Being able to pull off the earflap hat is one of the best aspects of childhood. The Jumla is made from 100% wool and lined with fleece, so it’s legitimately warm as well as being cute as hell.

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The cuff around the skull keeps the fit tight and provides a little bit of padding for when a sled run goes south.

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