The Best Sunglasses Under $100

Our top five money-saving picks

You could spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sunglasses that you’re too scared to actually wear fishing, biking, or even to the pub. Or, you could choose a feature-rich affordable pair and never worry about dropping them in a river or forgetting them on top of your car. Here are our favorite budget-friendly sunglasses.  

Smith Optics Outlier ($90)

(Courtesy of Smith Optics)

Smith’s Outlier shades provide lots of coverage and come with polarized carbonic TLT lenses that reduce pretty much all of the visible glare off water and snow. Make them a go-to for fishing and winter driving. 

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Proof Payette Rasta ($90)

(Courtesy of Proof)

Proof Eyewear builds wood frames from sustainable materials. The Payette Rasta's are made from up-cycled skateboards, have polarized lenses, and come with the mantra “good vibes only” etched into the frames. 

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Ryders Loops ($90)

(Courtesy of Ryders)

Built for bikers, the Loops have wide frames to increase airflow and prevent any fogging. The accompanying lenses offer ample protection, and rubber nose pieces keep them on your face when you're bouncing down the trail. 

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Tifosi Optics Camrock ($80)

(Courtesy of Tifosi)

These glasses come with three sets of interchangeable lenses—one for full sun, one for low light, and a clear set for the evening—plus they're made from nearly indestructible Grilamid plastic. 

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Sunski Originals ($50)  

(Courtesy of Sunski)

Admittedly, these Sunskis are more about style than trail performance. But they get points for their "hey look at me" design They’re also polarized and super lightweight.

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