Thailand reruns Romance of the Three Kingdoms

NBT, a national television station in Thailand, is broadcasting Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a 1994 hit historical drama, on its 2HD channel in prime time. The 84-episode show, which started on Monday, will run on weekdays this summer.

The rerun is part of the celebrations on the Thailand side to mark the 44th anniversary of the establishment of China-Thailand diplomatic ties.

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The 1994 show, dubbed into Thai by MVTV 25 years ago, was a runaway success in the country and many characters in the show, like Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang, have become household names in Thailand.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the four Chinese classics, is of extraordinary literary value and cultural significance. A rerun of the TV series on the Thailand national TV station, aside from being a tribute to the classic, can promote cultural exchanges between our two countries as well as enhance the ties between our people, said Chang Yumeng, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok.

Yang Xiaoyu contributed to this story

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