Tessa Blanchard Opens Up On Recent Allegations: “I’ve Never Used A Racial Slur Of Any Kind”

Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard was the featured speaker during a conference call with members of the media on Thursday afternoon, addressing questions for the first time since winning the title at last month’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view.

Blanchard had previously denied allegations made against her by fellow wrestlers, accusing her of using a racial slur as well as bullying her peers, but during the call the champion spoke on these claims in more detail.

“I’ve never used a racial slur of any kind in my life. It’s just not in my heart. It’s not something that I’ve done, it’s not something that I will do. It’s just not true.

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“Some people look at social media and someone will make an accusation, and then everyone hops on the bandwagon. We’ve all got our own stories. There’s a side of everyone’s life that is public, and a part that is private. There’s a part portrayed for all the world to see and can be judged by anyone that is interested in it. It’s very unfortunate that some people resort to saying certain things, but it’s just not true. That’s as much as I’ll say on it, because I know who I am.

“People online – that’s the world we live in. Social media. I faced challenges and obstacles that have enabled me to persevere and to become the woman and athlete that I am today. This is just another stone in that step.

“The day before [the match]I was hit pretty hard. I chose to step away from social media and step away from everything and kinda live in the real world. To see your coworkers and peers say things about you, some things that are just not true about you. It did hit me very hard, but I’m the kind of person who I have extreme mental strength. With my family, my little sisters being there that weekend in the front row to watch, everything culminating at that event – it was special for me.

I knew that everything that I’ve been through, I was going to have to use it as fuel to go out there and perform to the best of my ability. To be the best version of Tessa Blanchard that I could be that night, and go out there and win the world title. That way my little sister, who is 12, and other little girls, any younger talent might look at me and take something that I love, and I went and made myself great at it – and they can take what they love and become great at it too. THat’s what motivated me. I can handle almost anything. Not everyone’s going to like you. I’m going to build my legacy based on my work ethic, not by trying to win some popularity contest.”

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