Survey #1 of Our Readers: 41.7% for Hillary Clinton, 33.4% for Jill Stein, 13.4% Would Write-In Bernie

Hillary Clinton has just an 8-point lead over Jill Stein in an Aug. 3-5 survey of Common Dreams’ US readers who are likely to vote in the November election. While the Democratic Party nominee is favored by 41.7 percent, support for the Green Party candidate sits at 33.4 percent. And, 13.4 percent would still write-in Bernie Sanders name.

The survey also found that while over 80 percent of the 11,449 respondents were Bernie Sanders supporters during the primary, the majority of them are not yet ready to support Clinton in the general election.  Only 40.7 percent say they are now planning to vote for Clinton; 32.2 percent for Stein; 16.6 percent will write-in Sanders and 8.1 percent are undecided.

  • If the presidential election were held today, here’s how our readers would vote: 41.7%,   33.4%, 13.4%, 6.5%, 2.4%, 0.8%, 1.8%
  • During the nomination campaign, over 80% of our readers were , while only 11.32% supported Hillary Clinton and 4.7% supported Jill Stein. Now, of the 9,188 Sanders’ supporters responding, only 40.7% say they will follow Senator Sanders lead and vote for Hillary Clinton.
  • Among the 2,893 survey respondents who will vote in the (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin), Clinton’s lead over Stein grows to 15%: with Clinton at 45.4% to Stein at 30.2%.
  • 73.5% of our readers think the ; 13.3% think the US is moving in the right direction and 13.1% are undecided.
  • 31.3% approve; 49.8% disapprove and 18.9% are undecided.
  • make up 62.3% of our readers, at 24.6% followed by at 9.0%, “” at 2.3%, at 1.5% and at .3%.
  • Our readers are 53%-46%; – 77% are 50 or older; – 75% have a college degree; 35% have Master’s degrees or higher.

This survey of Common Dreams’ US readers was conducted August 3-5, 2016. Common Dreams will repeat this survey of our readership: Sept. 7-9 and Nov. 2-5. Election Day is November 8, 2016.


9,188 out of the 11,449 respondents supported Bernie Sanders in the nominating process. This is how they would vote if the election were today:

2,893 of our 11,449 respondents say they will vote in the 11 key swing states in the Presidential election. (Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin)


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