*SPOILERS* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For Thursday (2/3)

Thanks to Eric for the following TNA iMPACT spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Orlando, airing this Thursday on iMPACT:

* Immortal comes out to open the show. Eric Bischoff calls out Scott Steiner to talk business. Bischoff says Hulk Hogan won’t be here tonight thanks to Dixie Carter. Bischoff talks about Kevin Nash and Booker T and tells Steiner that Sting isn’t here either. Bischoff wants Steiner to join them. Steiner cuts a promo on Bischoff before Crimson and Kurt Angle come out. Angle says they are real, damn real and leaves with Steiner and Crimson.

* Ink Inc. beat Gunner and Murphy.

* Backstage segment with Angle, Steiner and Crimson. They go over their plan for tonight.

* Jeremy Buck won an X Division qualifying match over Doulas Williams and Jay Lethal when Max Buck interfered.

* Backstage segment with Eric Bischoff trying to find Ric Flair. James Storm says the last time they saw him he was drunk in Ireland.

* Mr. Anderson comes out and calls Jeff Hardy out. Hardy and Anderson go back and forth and shake hands to hype their match.

* A Knockouts boxing match with Sarita vs. Mickie James is next. Mickie wins with a punch to the jaw. Not good here, it will be interesting to see hwo it comes off on TV. Madison Rayne ran in after it and knocked Mickie out with her glove.

* Backstage segment with Bischoff and Jeff Hardy. Hardy doesn’t want anyone interfering in his match tonight.

Brother Ray and The Pope vs. Samoa Joe and Brother Devon is up next. Ray cuts a promo on Devon before the match and Joe vs. Pope for the PPV is made. The match never starts as they all brawl. Ray spits something in Devon’s son’s face and runs away.

* Mr. Anderson beat Jeff Hardy to retain the World Title. Good match with lots of brawling. Immortal comes out to help Hardy when the ref goes down. Fortune turns on them and clears the ring. AJ Styles hits the Styles Clash on Hardy, allowing Anderson to get the pin.

Fortune and Anderson celebrate after the match as Immortal leaves. Styles takes the mic and says everything is Bischoff’s fault. Bischoff lashes out at Fortune. Bischoff says Hogan will have control of TNA on March 3rd. Styles says they are going to take Immortal out.

* DIESEL To Sign With WWE This Week & Another Top Star Contacted To Appear At WM27

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