Sewage Cleaner Sacrifices His Life To Save His Colleagues Who Were Cleaning The Sewer Line In Gurugram

A 25-year-old sanitation worker, Vicky, lost his life while trying to save his two co-workers who were working inside sewer pipelines in Sector 9 on Friday. According to police, Vicky jumped into the sewer pipeline when he realised that the two men were trapped inside and were having trouble breathing.

However, even though the trapped men were rescued with the help of an earth-mover, Vicky succumbed to toxic gases.

BCCL/Representational Image

Sudhir Kumar, SHO, Sector 9 police station, said that Vicky died of suffocation from the toxic gases inside the sewer pipeline and some loose soil also fell on him, trapping him and suffocating him further.Click Here: NRL Telstra Premiership

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