Seth Rollins Talks About Leaving ROH For WWE, Comparisons To CM Punk

Forme Ring of Honor champion Tyler Black, who is now training at WWE developmental as Seth Rollins, recently responded to a number of fan questions on Twitter regarding his upcoming debut and more. Here are some highlights of what Rollins said about:

Why he left ROH for WWE:

“I love ROH, but the life span of someone in this profession is short…unless you’re a Flair or Hogan type…which I do not ever want to be. So we have to make a lot of money as fast as we can. WWE is the ONLY place in our industry right now where that is possible. In addition, it was always my dream to wrestle for and entertain as many people as I can. I grew up on WWE and main eventing Wrestlemania has been a Dream of mine for a long time.”

Who came up with his FCW name and what he would use if he could change it:

“Myself and The American Dream (Dusty Rhodes) came up with it together. If I could change it I would go back to using Tyler Black”

Comparisons between he and CM Punk:

“Gladly. He and I are separated in age by like 7 years I think, but we carry a lot of the same ideologies. We are both Midwestern kids raised on hard work and internal drive. We both found a lot to relate to in a certain genre of music and its subculture. And we both love professional wrestling. It is remarkable that we both happened to carve similar paths on our way to success, but beyond all those things….we are our own men. My vision of this business is much different than his and we carry ourselves completely different as well. At the end of the day, our similarities won’t really matter. We’ll both be stars..Hall of Famers..and our differences will be what we are remembered by.”

* VIDEO of SETH ROLLINS’ Debut Match At FCW (Direct Link)


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