Seth Green On Camp WWE: Vince Takes Direction Very Well

The WWE Network’s new series Camp WWE premiers on May 1st, and is described as an “adult” animated series. Show producer Seth Green, known for working on Family Guy and Robot Chicken, recently spoke with USA Today about the “unique” privilege of working on the show, which imagines wrestlers as 8-year-olds at camp, to show a side of the WWE Superstars that you’d otherwise “never get to see.”

One of the characters is an 8-year-old John Cena. “We wanted to play with the can-do spirit of an 8-year-old who always has a shoulder for you to cry on and always has some encouraging message but also just gets annoying,” Green said of the 15-time WWE Champion’s character. “He’s great at everything in the show but the other campers are like, ‘Ah, John, you know none of us like you, right?’”

Vince McMahon is usually the one giving direction to performers, but on this show it was the other way around. Green says the WWE Chairman takes directions “very, very well” and expects McMahon’s character to be a hit.

“He’s got a keen sense of understanding the comedy and the emotional disposition,” Green said. “I don’t think girls between 14 and 29 are prepared for how much they’re going to love Vince McMahon after they watch this cartoon.”

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