Scarlett Bordeaux Reportedly at WWE Performance Center for Tryout

According to the owner of Squared Circle Sirens, former Impact Wrestling star Scarlett Bordeaux was at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week for a tryout.

No word at this point on how she did, or what her next step might be, but Scarlett was released from her contract with Impact earlier this year and has had fans buzzing about where she might end up on a full-time basis.

While she was mostly used as a non-wrestling figure known as the “Smokeshow” on television, where she promised to “bring back sexy” to the Impact brand, she has actually been wrestling for years and competes regularly on the independent scene. Her program with Disco Inferno brought a lot of exposure to the show at the time, and her videos on YouTube almost always outdrew everyone else by a large margin.

Bordeaux’s real-life boyfriend Killer Kross is still under contract with Impact as of now, although he has not been used since Slammiversary, reportedly for multiple reasons that include the two sides being way off on contract negotiations, and Kross “refusing to blade” during a match with Eddie Edwards when there was allegedly no medical team backstage to conduct pre-match testing.

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