RVD Update, Former TNA Faction Reforming, Angle Food Poisoning

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As the story goes on Rob Van Dam, he is not going to do any wrestling for the time being. He just wants to rest for a while, and doesn’t even want to think much about wrestling. In a few months, he’ll probably come back to wrestling. TNA has been calling him, but nothing is going to happen right away.

The feud between Christopher Daniels and Sting was originally planned to be a long program. However, management decided to conclude the feud last Sunday at Slammiversary with Daniels doing the job in a 6:00 match. Daniels has now been told that he will be reuniting with Elix Skipper and Senshi to reform the XXX group. Skipper hasn’t appeared in TNA in about a year.

Kurt Angle was throwing up all over the place last weekend. He claimed it was from food poisoning.

A TNA house show in Sheffield, AL drew 500 fans. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage headlined the event. Angle defeated Christian with the anklelock. They also had a 2/3 fall match between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Styles was DQed in the first fall and Joe scored the pin in the second fall.

Which TNA wrestler tried to QUIT but was denied?! (>>)

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