Russo To Show His Face, TNA Star Takes Shot At Chris Harris, Terror Dome, Rhino

— TNA has posted the latest edition of Spin Cycle featuring AJ Styles, Curry Man, Taylor Wilde and Alex Shelley as this week’s panelists. Topics discussed include the upcoming Sting vs. Samoa Joe match, the next U.S. President, Canada, O.J. Simpson, and dirty laundry. Show host Jeremy Borash asks Alex Shelley who he thinks will be the next President of the United States. Shelly responds with the following remark (at the 8:08 mark): “I’m going to go with Obama, he has a charisma matched only by myself and Braden Walker.” The panelists then burst out in laughter (most notably Taylor Wilde) and some of the production people do a “Braden Walker” chant. Next week’s show will be a “backstage show” featuring people from the office as panelists including agents Pat Kenney, Glen Gilberti and Terry Taylor. Vince Russo will also be on the show, as he’s introduced at the end of this week’s episode. You can see this week’s show at the following link.

— TNA has renamed the “Terror Dome” match the Steel Asylum, since there is a trademark on “Terror Dome,” reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

— Rhino threw out the first pitch at Saturday’s MLB game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Detroit Tigers. An article on the TNA website notes that Tigers player Curtis Granderson was scheduled to catch and will attend the Bound For Glory pay-per-view next month in Chicago. Rhino is a season ticket holder for the Tigers.

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