Rubén Acosta acquitted of all charges

The President of the International Volleyball Federation, Rubén Acosta H., has never falsified the FIVB’s accounts nor concealed his personal income, contrary to the claims of the Argentinean Mario Goijman.


n its judgement, announced on 15 March 2006, the Tribunal de police in Lausanne acquitted the President of the FIVB of all charges brought against him by the ex-president of the Argentinean Volleyball Federation.

Accusations levelled at the President of the FIVB over the past three years by Mario Goijman, for manipulation of accounts and corruption, are null and without foundation. This judgement is all the more appreciable, since it has been issued by the Swiss legal system, the reputation of which Mr Goijman’s attorney himself praised during the hearing, inviting all International Sports Federations based in Switzerland to abide by it.

The only possible explanation for Mario Goijman’s claims is an intention to gloss over the fact that he was expelled from the FIVB in 2003 for signing contracts without authorisation and for not submitting regular accounts for the organisation of the 2002 Men’s World Championships. His expulsion was upheld by the highest institutions of the FIVB.

The alleged scandal referred to by the Argentinean Mario Goijman in his declarations to the mass media had no serious foundation, a fact that FIVB President Rubén Acosta has never ceased to affirm. Justice proves him right.

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